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Detmer & Sons: An Exercise in Successful Lead Generation

Diversifying digital advertising has become a crucial aspect for any company looking to generate valuable leads and increase its customer base. Here, we’ll look at how Detmer & Sons partnered with beMarketing to update and optimize their Facebook Lead Generation campaign.


Detmer & Sons came to beMarketing with a clear goal to increase their client leads by expanding and diversifying their advertising platforms. beMarketing created a plan centered around a Facebook Lead Generation campaign, leveraging the platform’s ability to capture user information to inform our direction. The campaign targeted users, age 30+, in specific cities and zip codes within Detmer & Sons service area.


The messaging strategy included advertising three distinct offers, each with its own unique, yet cohesive, creative design. The campaign’s delivery system automatically recorded completed forms as leads, captured all relevant data in one place, and informed the client via email about new submissions as they came in.

Initial Results and Identified Challenges

After the first month of the campaign, Detmer & Sons witnessed over 200 clicks, exceeding the industry average and a click-through rate of 1.94%. However, that only generated two leads through Facebook forms, highlighting the need for improvement.

Approach and Solutions

Working closely with Detmer & Sons, beMarketing began crafting the most effective solution to address the challenge above. To optimize the campaign, the form that users were required to fill out underwent revision. Previously, the form asked for the user’s full address and asked them to select from the advertised offers. beMarketing decided to simplify the user experience and request only the essential information, including name, phone number, email address, city, and state.


Additionally, we adjusted the targeting strategy to remove interest-based targeting. This was designed to broaden the campaign’s reach, ensuring anyone within the service area could connect with the brand. We made no changes to the current offers but did diversify the graphics for each offer further. The goal was to capture user attention and increase engagement while retaining the same budget.

Results and Achievements

Implementing these revised strategies yielded immediate improvements. The following month saw a substantial increase in various performance metrics.


300+ clicks, +37.23% | 2.34% click-through rate, +20.64% | 19 leads generated, +850% 


5.12% conversion rate, +488.5% | $1.89 cost per click, -27.13% | $31.58 cost per lead, -89.47%


The most notable accomplishment was the tremendous growth in lead generation. With the revised tactics in place, Detmer & Sons secured 19 leads, showcasing an astonishing 850% improvement compared to the initial month. This surge in lead volume translated into a 5.12% conversion rate, marking an exceptional improvement of 488.5%. Furthermore, the campaign demonstrated cost efficiencies, as the cost per click reduced to $1.89 (a 27.13% improvement), while the cost per lead decreased to $31.58 (an 89.47% improvement).


By partnering with beMarketing for their Facebook Lead Generation campaign, Detmer & Sons proved to be highly successful in increasing client leads and expanding their customer base. By implementing targeted solutions such as optimizing the form, widening the campaign reach, and diversifying creative design, beMarketing was able to generate significant improvements across multiple performance metrics. These achievements highlight the effectiveness of data-driven strategies and campaign optimization in driving tangible results for our client’s businesses.