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Trinity Flavors is a well-known canned alcohol beverage producer among country club-goers and avid golfers across the Greater Philadelphia area. They work closely with the Philadelphia PGA and are the sponsored drink during the golf tournaments. What sets Trinity Flavors apart from our other clients is the uniqueness of its product. They have a trendy product that consumers often like to take pictures with and post across social media channels. We saw an opportunity in that and decided to use the user-generated organic content throughout their website to help improve the organic traffic and conversions they were bringing in.


Our strategy in Q1 was to amplify their product using their current following and connections.
We achieved this through:

1. Utilizing targeted location pages throughout local golfing communities where Trinity Flavors
already had a strong presence.

2. Obtaining backlinks from their prominent partnerships with organizations like Philadelphia PGA.

3. Making sure all product pages are completely optimized.

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During the beginning of Q2 of 2021, we started seeing immediate results from the strategy we implemented. The number of organic users increased by 159%, and organic new users increased by 191%. These numbers are significant because they let us know that not only are existing customers continuing to visit the website, but the number of new customers has almost doubled. Organic goal completions (tracking order completions and newsletter sign-ups) also improved by 157% in Q2.


Each one of our clients is distinct, so we approach each strategy differently. We recognize that with these differences comes a unique set of opportunities. It’s vital as a digital marketing team to identify the unique opportunities for each client and utilize them for growth opportunities. We see from the numbers that in Trinity Flavors’ case, finding ways to maximize existing connections was the best plan of action.

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