Our beCaring Project!

Since beMarketing was founded back in 2008, we’ve become a local leader in the marketing industry, being named one of Philly’s Fastest Growing Companies for three years in a row. At beMarketing, we feel the community is just as important to us as our clients. That’s why we created our beCaring Project! We want to ensure we are giving back to the community by supporting both local and regional initiatives throughout each year. Whether we are creating a website pro-bono for a worthy cause, volunteering by lending a hand at events, or simply supporting the cause with a donation, we are proud to partake and support many organizations throughout the year with our beCaring Project.

Website for a Cause with beCaring

One of our proudest efforts is having the ability to give back to the community with a pro-bono website build each quarter. Through this program, we select a local organization that is in need of a website redesign, or we build a new website for them from scratch. We determine this based on the current best practices in the market and how they are showcasing their cause. Is their site mobile responsive? Does their site utilize a full screen modern look? Is the content on the site outdated and in need of updating? These are just some of the factors we take into consideration as we award site builds to community partners.

beMarketing beCaring

beCaring by Volunteering

Going out and getting involved in the community is one of the best ways to help those in need. Whether we volunteer at a local food bank, spend time at a local elementary, high school or after-school program or contribute our knowledge and skills through mentoring, tutoring or reading, we are always thinking of creative ways to beCaring in our community.

beCaring by Supporting the Community

There are so many great causes and non-profit programs right here in our backyard and throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Each year, we actively support over a dozen charitable organizations by providing donations and participating in their events.

How Can You beCaring?

If you have an idea in mind to help make a difference in the community, let us know! Although we aren’t able to help everyone, we’d love to hear how you think we can help. Email us and let us know who you think deserves a helping hand.

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