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Video Marketing for Healthcare Facilities

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Video Marketing For Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare industry has come a long way over the past few years in how the industry now embraces the use of video. Many healthcare providers have come to realize the incredible opportunity that video offers in telling a story they are wishing to share. If you’re putting together the marketing strategy for a healthcare facility, video marketing should be a key part of your plan.

When you post engaging videos that tell your story, display your services, and address questions, we can assure you that you will begin to see the results of the increase in new patients that you will start to welcome in your practice.

How Potent is Video?

Over the past decade, video marketing has become an integral part of many companies’ marketing strategies and that includes the healthcare industry. Year over year, we are seeing the trend of video marketing increase. Now more than ever, video has become a necessary component to a marketing strategy rather than a piece of the puzzle. Approximately 86% of businesses report that they use video in their marketing strategy, which is an increase from 2020 when it was still high at 85%. What’s also important to note is that 87% of these video marketers report their video strategies have had a positive impact on their ROI. When planning your marketing strategy, video content must be part of it.


When high-quality videos are marketing effectively, they can captivate the attention of both current and new patients. We look at screens constantly and what we see on these screens has changed over the years – it’s gotten better. Much better in fact. It’s gotten so good that your typical photos do not attract attention the way that videos can. Videos now hold a user’s attention for five times the amount of time someone would look at a photo.


As a marketer, you know that building trust is a key component of any marketing strategy for healthcare facilities and video can create just that. Videos are a great tool to get people to connect with your company on a more personal level. They can invoke a different (much deeper) level of emotion when compared to a single photo. Just think of the many ways you could showcase your doctors through video. You could tell so much more about their personalities and knowledge base. Whether you post a video of a passionate patient reviewing your facility or giving insight into your healthcare services, video marketing can increase your patient base.


Professional videos are a perfect way to display why you’re better than your competitors. Plus, video marketing will also keep your current patients engaged, attract new patients, increase conversion, and boost your revenue 50% faster than healthcare organizations that don’t use it.

Video Marketing For Doctors

If you’re looking to put together a healthcare video marketing campaign, look no further than beMarketing. Our experienced team of digital marketers can put together a video marketing campaign for your doctors that will resonate with the patients you are looking to reach. Give us a call at 484.261.1149 to start the conversation about how we can put together a marketing video for your healthcare facility today!

The beMarketing Difference

You want to partner up with a team who makes it easy for you to make a difference in your business—people who break down barriers and build up results, so you can achieve the highest level of business success. When you join our hive, these are the differences we promise to deliver:

Our beVitals™ is the Cure for YOUR Healthcare Organization

The beVitals™ is our unique digital marketing plan for doctors that we prescribe specifically for our healthcare clientele. Founded in strategy, backed up by data and injected with creativity, our beVitals™ is designed to deliver sustainable growth and profitability. We create our digital marketing strategies for healthcare facilities that operate in a variety of specialties.

From healthcare PPC to media buying, reputation management to healthcare promotional marketing, we are a healthcare digital marketing agency that prescribes the most potent

digital marketing strategies for healthcare facilities, so contact us today to get started!

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