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A beMarketing digital audit report goes beyond the automated email you get after entering your website’s URL on some random landing page. They are detailed and extremely personalized to your organization's website. They include a thorough review of your digital portfolio.

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What is included with your free digital analysis

Here at The Hive, we believe that quantity and quality are created equal — that’s why our digital audit for home services businesses measures both. With our Quantitative Analysis, we will measure your Social Media Metrics, Historic SEO Rank Tracking, CRM Data and Reports and E-Commerce Purchase Funnel Data. On the flip side, our Qualitative Analysis measures your Website Design & User Experience, Calls To Action On Your Website, Media Buying, Brand Messaging Across Channels, Paid Search, Email Messaging Effectiveness, Form Usability and Accessibility and Print. This way, your digital audit gives us the tools we need to build you a better digital marketing plan.

Social Media Metrics

To reach objectives your company desires from social media, tracking key metrics will assist you in seeing what is currently working or what needs to be changed on your social platforms. From engagement percentages to follower counts, we’ll help you analyze these metrics to fully understand how to maximize the most out of your social platforms.

Historic SEO rank tracking

Making sure potential customers can locate you online easily is critical, that’s why we specialize in all aspects of SEO and the importance of using keywords to make your company appear more often on Google searches. We keep tabs on what verbiage works best for your brand, consistently monitoring your companies rank when it comes to everything SEO related.

CRM data and reports

Whether it be online or offline, customer relationship management is key for retaining and attracting new business. We assist companies in gathering and inspecting customer attitudes towards your brand, utilizing high quality tools to measure customer growth as well as manage your company's reputation online.

E-commerce purchase funnel data

If you’re finding a low rate of online customer purchases, we will help you track purchasing and selling data from the beginning to best optimize the online accessibility for the services you offer. By deciphering the ideal purchasing process route to take for your business, you’ll begin to see how you can make more customers follow through with buying into your services.

Website design & user experience

Having a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and is able to be navigated easily is essential for obtaining new customers. We can take your website to the next level in a timely manner, reconstructing your website’s layout to match your vision while adding detailed content to make it a more enhanced experience for all who visit your website.

Calls to action on your website

From persuasive content to intricate website banners or graphics, eliciting an immediate response for customers to opt into your services gives your company the traffic you’ve been looking for. We will analyze and execute the best way your company can reel in consumers from a CTA standpoint, crafting content in a way to make potential customers want to use your company’s services over your competitors.


These days, print ads need to grab people’s attention, and the best way to do that is with high-quality graphics and novel content. When you utilize our digital audit, our team will learn what your audience is looking for when it comes to print ads, so we can create eye catching AND effective ads.

Brand messaging across channels

There are different social media channels for a reason! Not only do different channels attract different types of audiences, but they also call for different types of messaging. By utilizing our digital audit, we can tell you how well your brand messaging is playing out across different channels, so you can appeal to the audiences you want to.

Media Buying

Your ads can’t perform well if they’re not placed in the right spots at the right time — that’s where your digital audit comes in. With this tool, our media buying experts will be able to determine the ads that will get your business the best results, as well as the best places and times to put them out in front of people’s eyes.

Email messaging effectiveness

Email is a powerful tool for connecting with with both prospective and current customers, announcing new updates, promoting limited time offers, informing your customers of helpful home services tips, and so much more. Thanks to our digital audit, we’ll learn how well (or poorly) your email content, graphics, and usability are performing.

form usability and accessibility

If prospective customers have trouble using your forms, or worse, they can’t easily access them, your business will most likely lose that lead. We’ll determine how user-friendly and accessible your forms are (IE page speed, size and how it works across different devices), so you can keep leads happy and turn them into your new customer.

Paid Search

Think of paid search as the secret weapon of digital marketing, however, how it’s used is what determines how effective it is. Once we run our digital audit on your business’s current paid search tactics, our digital experts will discover where they’re falling short and how to improve them, so you can wield your business with the most powerful paid search strategies.

We’re a team of digital innovators who work hand in hand with businesses of all sizes. We enable your company to be branded across all platforms – whether it be by the click of a mouse or the lasting impression your brand leaves on anyone who comes into contact with it. Whether you need help constructing tweets to reach the appropriate audiences, increasing your Facebook reach, or creating a user-friendly website – we can help you do it.

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