Three Prominent 2018 Web Design Trends

2018 Web Design TrendsIt may seem mundane, but web design must be intricately styled to capture attention and hold the eye of the viewer or user. Even the most trivial details must be carefully examined. The value of a product or company in the eye of the consumer lies largely in its design. This proves difficult, however, because consumer views and needs are constantly changing. Graphic designers have been working to keep up with the changing trends in design. Let’s take a look at a few 2018 web design trends that designers have recently been implementing.

Web Design Typography

In 2018, we’re starting to see more elaborate typefaces taking center stage in creative and web design. With a quantity of diverse, gorgeous typefaces, we are able to create levels of interest in typography by adding space and dimension to creative pieces. It is only getting better with the release of font variations in collaboration with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe Typekit; as the variable fonts enable a whole new form of type design.

When it comes to typefaces, there are over 64,000 axes of variation (weight, width, etc.). The expansion of typefaces allows designers to define specific positions in the design space as named instances (“Bold”, “Condensed”, etc.). A single font file that behaves like multiple fonts can go a long way in creating a unique visual, while keeping the creative design cohesive.

A-Typical Grid Layouts

Another upward trend in graphic design is broken grid layouts. Recently, web designers have started to formulate sites that allow an array of images and text to overlap each other in a way that creates a unanticipated, appealing layout. This layout is eye-catching to viewers, especially who are unfamiliar with this type of structure.

Web Design and Interactivity

Another progression that is important to note is the ubiquitous animation on sites. The entire purpose of your website expands much further than just slapping words on the page. While it is crucial to not overdo motion and interactivity, these additions prove useful for catching and pulling the viewers’ attention to the right content at the right time. However, the goal must be to captivate, not distract or overwhelm.

With all of these facets continuing to expand and vary, it creates a whole new world of possibilities for consumers of the internet and creators of the internet alike. These trends are only a small handful of movements in creative web design. At beMarketing, we apply the newest trends in the world of graphic design to help create the most visually appealing, innovative designs. Contact us today so we can bring your next marketing campaign to life starting with the graphic design phase.