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AMS Cardiology

AMS Cardiology - Transforming Online Presence and Attracting New Patients

In 2014, AMS Cardiology approached beMarketing with a critical challenge - an inconsistent and virtually non-existent online presence. This case study explores how beMarketing addressed these issues and successfully transformed AMS Cardiology's digital landscape.

The Challenge

AMS Cardiology, a reputable cardiac care practice, operates from four different locations. Despite their proficiency in providing top-notch cardiac care, their digital footprint was lacking. Their outdated website, inconsistent NAPW (Name, Address, Phone, Website) details across various online platforms, and poor visibility on search engines were the primary pain points

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Strategy and Implementation

beMarketing executed a multifaceted strategy to overcome these challenges and enhance AMS Cardiology's online presence through:

  1. Mobile Optimization Revamp: We created a modern, mobile-responsive website that included keyword-rich content to showcase their advanced cardiac care services.
  2. NAPW Consistency: An audit and correction of NAPW details across online directories were conducted for accuracy and consistency.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented to improve search engine rankings and visibility.
  4. Content Marketing: Relevant blog posts and other content focused on heart health and cardiological services were created to attract organic traffic and establish AMS Cardiology as a thought leader.
  5. Google My Business Optimization: Optimization of Google My Business profiles for each location to enhance local visibility and encourage positive patient reviews.

Remarkable Results

beMarketing's campaign delivered a double win for AMS Cardiology. First, a wave of new patients fueled by targeted online referrals and inquiries. Second, a dominant online presence secured through strategic keyword optimization, placing AMS Cardiology at the top of searches in their target areas. This strategic positioning, combined with cutting-edge advertising methods, ensures continued patient growth for each practice location.

AMS Cardiology

beMarketing's strategic approach transformed AMS Cardiology's online presence, attracting new patients and expanding its reach. The practice now enjoys a user-friendly website, strong local visibility, and a growing patient base, demonstrating the power of effective digital marketing in the healthcare landscape.

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