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Biniek Specialty Contractors, LLC is a residential and commercial exterior improvement contractor servicing Central Pennsylvania. Our objective with their campaign was to launch a roofing advertisement strategy to increase quality, converting leads by utilizing responsive search ads. We saw an area of opportunity here and knew by experimenting with Google’s best practices, we could produce great results. This PPC case study documents the success of this particular campaign.

Strategy and Implementation

We launched a new PPC campaign in Q1 in February 2021 that focused on:

1. Constant keyword optimization (add, pause, negate) as necessary.

2. Utilizing responsive search ads to their fullest potential - The driving force behind the responsive search ads is that Google’s machine learning algorithm will automatically test different combinations and descriptions over time, putting the best combination of headlines and descriptions together automatically to display in front of consumers. While these ads can produce a wider reach, utilizing multiple headlines and descriptions helps us maximize our ROI (Return on Investment).

3. Experimenting with bid strategies (including max conversions and target CPAs) - Previously, we used different bidding strategies to maximize our ROI. First, we used “maximize clicks” when the campaigns began to strategically see the average cost per click for keywords and produce as many clicks as possible for our ads. Once our ads started to gain more traffic, we changed to “Target CPA” because some keywords were costly. With “maximize clicks,” Google is optimizing for as many clicks as possible within the given budget. Once we realized we were paying a lot for specific keywords, we changed to “Target CPA” to control the cost per conversion at a reasonable amount. After we started to establish a relevant trend line of the cost per conversion and the average cost per click, we then changed our bidding strategy to “maximize conversions.” We found that this bid strategy significantly enhanced our campaign’s ability to attract quality traffic while optimizing for as many conversions as possible. Once we established a quality cost per conversion and the average cost per click for the top keywords, we were able to optimize for as many conversions as possible. Testing out multiple bidding strategies helped us to fully maximize ROI for this campaign.

Original Image


Original Image
clicks increased by 21% YOY
Original Image
click-through rate increased 48% YOY
Original Image
conversions increased 80% YOY

After running this roofing advertisement strategy, the results we saw were noteworthy; the number of conversions increased by nearly 80%, the click-thru rate saw a 47.75% boost, overall clicks increased by 21%, and the cost per conversion decreased by 27.37%. After deploying the responsive search ads strategy, we saw clicks increase by 322.43%, impressions increase by 49.82%, the click-thru rate increase by 181.95%, conversions increase by 605.19%, and the cost per conversion decreased by 34.98%. While we utilized the most effective PPC advertising strategies, we found that “maximize conversions” worked the best for this client.


While we have multiple clients in the same verticals (i.e. home services), we must continue to realize their differences. Each paid search strategy is unique. With Biniek Specialty Contractors, LLC, we saw an area of opportunity to capitalize on through responsive ads and bidding strategies. When building a PPC case study, it’s gratifying to see this increase in numbers for our clients as a digital marketing team. It means our approaches are working, and our clients are seeing success from it.

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