Social Media Marketing

Content Creation

Your content is your voice in the online community, and we want to make sure it stands out! Giving your brand the appropriate voice is our first step to establishing your business and promoting it to your potential customers. Your content will be tailor made for your brand. Whether it’s posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter or showing off photos on Instagram, we promise that your brand will be instantly recognizable.

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Community Engagement

Your brand is extremely important to us, and a critical flagship for you to gather a large customer and fan base. As a result, we have to protect your brand and image at all times. We do this by managing and responding appropriately to positive and negative feedback that you receive on social media. We can also respond on your behalf to customers that have any questions while you are away. We ensure that your brand will thrive at all times.

Reputation Management on Social Media Channels

There is a not a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to social media. Every brand and business operates in their own in-house style, and we will create the most optimal fit for your brand on social media. We do this by generating content and creating a social media profile where you will be set-up to operate on your own terms.

Paid Advertising on Social Media Platforms

With the amount of traffic that social media can generate on its own, we make sure to take advantage of the masses. We will design and blast your advertisements throughout social media, but more importantly, we will make sure that the advertisements fit in line with your product and services.

Social Promotions

One of the biggest reasons that social media is such a powerhouse is solely because of the people that are connected to it. Why not involve those people in your promotional campaign?  With use of the Woobox, a social promotion application, we can assist you in running sweepstakes, contests, and more across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Involving your customers makes your brand more interactive, and will always get better promotion and attention.

Competitive Analysis

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need the right information on your competition. Our team performs extensive research on your competitors to keep you ahead of the curve. We evaluate other social media and branding strategies to make sure that your brand stands out. We’ll make your brand the diamond in the rough!

Blogging and Blog Management

A constant stream of quality content production gives your customers more to learn about your brand, and in turn, the more they learn the more they will trust you. At beMarketing, we have staff trained to write riveting content that will keep your customers coming back for more. We will also help manage your blog, setting specific blog calendars, as well as keeping your blog organized.

Custom Channel/Profile Creation

It’s all about style. Your social media profiles are among your first impressions and we want to make sure you are razor sharp. We will customize your Facebook, YouTube and more to make sure they appear to your target audience. Also, using Sprout Social, we can make sure that your profile is used properly.

beMarketing guarantees that our Social Media Marketing services will take your marketing to the next level. We work with you to help achieve all of your Social Media Marketing needs.