In addressing the challenge of reaching DeLong Christmas Tree Farm’s target audience during the busy holiday season, beMarketing understood the need for a strategic solution to effectively break through the holiday noise. Additionally, the seasonal timing presented a pressing need for our messaging to be impactful and immediate, given the limited window of opportunity afforded by the holidays. Thus, our campaign strategy had to navigate the delicate balance of resonating with our audience’s holiday spirit while ensuring our message remained relevant and compelling throughout the brief but crucial holiday season.


In response to the challenge of reaching DeLong Christmas Tree Farm’s target audience during the bustling holiday season, we implemented a strategic solution centered around Facebook and Google Search campaigns. The Google Search campaign specifically targeted individuals actively searching for Christmas trees, ensuring our ads appeared prominently to those looking to purchase trees for the holiday season. Our Facebook campaign was designed to target users who expressed interest in Christmas-related topics and holiday festivities. We used Facebook’s targeting capabilities, to engage with individuals who may not have been actively searching for Christmas trees but demonstrated an interest in Christmas traditions. This approach allowed us to tap into a wider pool of potential customers and generate awareness about DeLong Christmas Tree Farm. Our approach involved targeting a 15-mile radius around the farm on both platforms. By leveraging the localized targeting, we aimed to effectively reach individuals within the immediate vicinity of the farm. These campaigns ran from November through December, aligning closely with the peak of the holiday season when consumer interest in Christmas trees was at its highest. This comprehensive strategy enabled us to maximize visibility, ultimately driving traffic to DeLong Christmas Tree Farm and resulting in increased sales during the holiday season.


Google Search Results


605 clicks

11 conversions

14.98% CTR

2.08% CVR

$0.89 CPC


Facebook Results


652 clicks

0.95% CTR

$0.41 CPC


The success of the campaign resulted in a significant surge in sales for our client, ultimately resulting in a complete sell-out of the Christmas tree inventory.


Our strategic implementation of Facebook and Google Search campaigns proved instrumental in addressing the challenge of reaching DeLong Christmas Tree Farm’s target audience during the bustling holiday season. By precisely targeting individuals actively searching for Christmas trees and engaging users interested in holiday festivities on Facebook, we successfully heightened visibility and generated awareness about the farm. As a result of our campaigns, DeLong Christmas Tree Farm experienced a significant increase in sales, ultimately leading to a sold-out inventory of trees. This achievement solidifies the farm’s position as a go-to destination for Christmas trees and underscores the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to building on this success and are committed to delivering even greater results for our clients.