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Revolutionizing Dick Hill & Son’s HVAC Campaigns: The Path to a Faster ROI

Dick Hill & Son, a reputable name in the HVAC industry, began a transformative partnership with beMarketing to improve their digital advertising campaign strategy. As 2022 moved into 2023, we noticed areas for improvement within their campaign. From December 2022 to March 2023, beMarketing made several strategic restructuring and realignment efforts that resulted in substantial improvements to Dick Hill & Son’s advertising campaign performance.

The Challenge: Identifying Growth Opportunities

As of December 2022, Dick Hill & Son’s digital campaigns were producing respectable results. The statistics from December 2022 through March 2023 were promising:


779 clicks

89 conversions

11.42% conversion rate


While these results were decent, we were also able to identify areas that had noticeable room for improvement:


1.97% click-through rate (CTR)

$12.95 cost per click (CPC)

$113.38 cost per lead (CPL)


These metrics led us to believe that the audience we were reaching was suboptimal. Although the ads were getting visibility, they weren’t effectively reaching potential customers. To address this, we decided to overhaul the campaign in an effort to redefine the targeting strategy and generate superior leads. 

Strategy and Implementation

A comprehensive overhaul of the advertising campaign structure was no small undertaking. We segmented the services provided by Dick Hill & Son into distinct campaigns, aligning each area with Google’s best practices. These campaigns were broken into one of three categories: 



Repair and Maintenance

Installation and Replacement


This separation allowed us to ensure the keywords and ad copy closely matched the corresponding landing pages, resulting in more directed, higher-quality leads. The transition to the new campaign structure was launched in April 2023, while simultaneously phasing out the older campaign ads.


Another factor we decided to address was seasonality – a crucial piece of the puzzle for an HVAC company. To ensure a consistent performance throughout the year, the campaigns were further divided into ad groups based on the seasons: HVAC (year-round), AC (spring and summer months), and Heating (fall and winter months). This strategy allowed for uninterrupted advertising adjustments without interfering with campaign-wide learning phases.

dick hill and son case study

Results and Achievements

The impact of beMarketing’s strategic restructuring and realignment efforts on Dick Hill & Son’s campaign performance was nothing short of exceptional. In May 2023 – August 2023, the first four months with the new advertising campaign structure, the results spoke volumes when compared to the previous period (December 2022 – March 2023):

1205 clicks (+54.69%)

161 conversions (+80.9%)

13.36% conversion rate (+16.95%)

5.03% CTR (+155.72%)

$9.53 CPC (26.45% improvement)

$71.31 CPL (37.11% improvement)

These statistics underscore the effectiveness of beMarketing’s strategic realignment efforts. Not only did the campaigns experience considerable growth in clicks, CTR, conversions, and conversion rates, but the cost metrics also saw significant improvements. The CPC and the CPL were reduced by 26.45% and 37.11%, respectively. This change in strategy resulted in Dick Hill & Son’s advertising budget seeing a much higher ROI.


beMarketing’s new marketing strategy for Dick Hill & Son resulted in substantial improvements to their campaign performance almost immediately. The success of this project demonstrates how valuable a data-driven approach and solid understanding of best practices are for driving business growth. As we continue to refine and expand our efforts, we look forward to continuing to drive Dick Hill & Son’s online advertising efforts to new heights.