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Hello Pediatrics: Content Optimization for Organic Growth

Hello Pediatrics is a prominent name in the healthcare industry surrounding telehealth for infants, children, and young adults. Recently, they began a journey with beMarketing to enhance their online presence. Here, we’ll take a look at how beMarketing’s strategic optimization efforts of the content on Hello Pediatrics website led to a significant surge in organic traffic and conversions for the company.

The Challenge: Seizing the Content Opportunity

High-quality, engaging content plays an important role in attracting and retaining online audiences. Each time Google updates its algorithm, it places a greater emphasis on high-quality content and appropriate keyword usage. In July, Hello Pediatrics recognized an opportunity to optimize its content to improve performance.


The goals?


To increase SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), improve organic traffic, and turn the increased traffic into conversions.


The initial figures were as follows:


Organic traffic started at 135.


Goals began at 3.


We also set out to improve Search Console impressions and clicks.

Strategy and Implementation

beMarketing initiated a comprehensive content optimization strategy for Hello Pediatrics to better position the company to take advantage of Google’s algorithm updates. The focus was on enhancing several key pages of their website, specifically the “Types of Care” and “Symptoms” pages.

Optimization efforts included:

  1. Keyword Optimization: We strategically infused target keywords throughout the content, meta information, and image alt tags. This step enhanced search engine visibility and rankings while simultaneously aligning the page’s content with the most relevant search queries.

  2. Quality Content Creation: High-quality, informative content is essential for SEO and user engagement. We improved the caliber of content on the identified pages, addressing common concerns, showcasing Hello Pediatrics’ expertise, and confirming the pages were user-friendly and responsive.
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Results and Achievements

The results of beMarketing’s content optimization efforts were nothing short of remarkable. In very little time, Hello Pediatrics experienced a substantial surge in both organic traffic and conversion rates. The figures for July 2023, when compared to the previous period, were extremely impressive:


Organic traffic increased by 248.15%, soaring from 135 to 470 visits.

Goals skyrocketed by a remarkable 900%, surging from 3 to 30.

Search Console impressions witnessed a staggering 1384% increase, showing phenomenal growth in visibility.

Clicks also showed significant growth, increasing by 256%, indicating a dramatic improvement in user engagement and interactions.


Hello Pediatrics’ partnership with beMarketing led to remarkable improvements in content optimization and online performance. By strategically optimizing critical pages, improving the quality of their content, and aligning with best SEO practices, Hello Pediatrics saw a significant increase in organic traffic and a remarkable surge in conversion rates. This success exemplifies the power of data-driven content strategies in driving business growth and capitalizing on search engine opportunities. As beMarketing continues to refine and expand our efforts, we look forward to further enhancing Hello Pediatrics’ online presence and delivering even more substantial results.