Soaring Submissions: How Malvern Prep Doubled Inquires with a Targeted Campaign Strategy

Challenge: Facing the challenge of reaching Malvern Prep’s distinct target audience during the summer months, beMarketing recognized the need for a strategic solution. The specific demographic associated with the private school tended to disperse to the Jersey Shore for their summer activities, presenting a hurdle in maintaining engagement and visibility. The need to create an impactful campaign was born out of the necessity to adapt to the audience’s shifting behavior and ensure our messaging remained impactful despite the unique circumstances posed by their summer retreats.


Solution: Being a private school with a specific target audience, Malvern Prep’s success lies in our understanding of their unique demographic. By tailoring our messaging to align seamlessly with their lifestyle and preferences, we strategically tapped into the summer habits of our client’s audience, who typically spend their months at the Jersey Shore. This led to the creation of a compelling “Shore to Succeed” campaign, launched from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The approach not only improved our content’s relevance but also strategically reached the audience in their most active online spaces. This comprehensive strategy spanned Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook, ensuring we reached the audience in their preferred online spaces. The outcome of the campaign was nothing short of phenomenal!


Google Search Results

1,096 clicks
133.6 conversions
4.8% CTR
12.19% CVR → better than industry average
$1.69 CPC
$13.88 CPL → better than industry average

Google Display Results

9,171 clicks
769.82 conversions
1.11% CTR
8.39% CVR → better than industry average
$0.27 CPC
$3.16 CPL → better than industry average

Facebook Results

2976 clicks
145 conversions
0.63% CTR
4.87% CVR → better than industry average
$0.49 CPC
$10.06 CPL → better than industry average

The campaign’s success translated into a notable increase in admissions for our client. We witnessed a remarkable surge, with 262 inquiries—up from 76 the previous year—and 87 applicants, a significant rise from the 22 applicants recorded in the previous year


The strategic implementation of the “Shore to Succeed” messaging across various platforms, including Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook, significantly contributed to the impressive outcome. The campaign effectively engaged the target audience during their summer retreats to the Jersey Shore, leading to heightened visibility and interest in Malvern Prep. This result underscores the importance of understanding your target audience, as tailoring our approach to their specific habits and preferences proved instrumental in achieving such remarkable results. The substantial increase in admissions is a tangible testament to the impact and efficacy of our marketing efforts, as well as the strategic importance of audience understanding.