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NOLAN Painting


Nolan Painting partnered with us in September 2019 when they noticed that their website’s organic traffic was decreasing year over year and their paid advertising campaigns were returning adequately on their spend. In fact, in the months prior to our partnership, they had determined that their website traffic had decreased by 10%-15%. Disappointed by this data and eager to improve traffic to the website from all channels, they sought our marketing expertise.

Strategy/Target Audience

It was clear that Nolan Painting’s blog audience consisted of people who were looking for expert advice and professional painting insights — something that the old blogs had accomplished when they were originally published. With this information and our goals in mind, we decided that the strategy that would be most beneficial to this client — while also appealing to their audience — would be to begin repurposing their blogs. However, we knew that in order to make this a true success, it would involve much more than simply republishing an old blog with a new date attached to it. This revelation is what led our team to creating an innovative content writing strategy.

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Our digital team chose to repurpose Nolan Painting’s most popular blog first because it happened to have the biggest decrease in organic traffic at the time. Originally, this blog brought in approximately 600 unique organic users a month, but in recent months, traffic decreased to approximately 350. With this knowledge, our content team took this blog’s old, but informative, copy and reworked it by implementing elements that our digital marketing strategist noticed had been missing before. We published this first repurposed blog on January 31st of 2020 and saw immediate results the following month.


In February 2019, our team saw an increase in Nolan Painting’s organic traffic for the first time in approximately two years (since March 2018 under a different agency), as well as a 12.5% increase in traffic that was specific to that blog page alone (comparing February over January — see images 1 & 2). Since these blog posts have been published to Nolan Painting’s website, there has also been an organic traffic increase by almost 10%. That is an awesome feat, considering organic optimization can often take months to achieve noticeable results.

Acquisition Analytics

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User Analytics

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Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion Analytics

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