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Revitalizing Unique Indoor Comfort’s Service Pages for Increased Organic Conversions

Unique Indoor Comfort, a leading provider of HVAC services, has been dedicated to delivering top-class customer service and quality craftsmanship to its customers. But with the ever-growing competition, they realized that it was time to step up their game and improve their online presence. In this case study, we’ll share how our strategic SEO approach transformed Unique’s service pages, leading to a massive increase in organic traffic and conversions.

The Challenge: Identifying Opportunities

Our primary challenge was to improve the visibility of their services, first focusing on their cooling work because they started with our agency earlier in the year. We like to give SEO a few months to take effect, so our intent for Unique was to leverage the peak demand for cooling services during the summer months. 


To achieve this, we initiated a comprehensive SEO optimization strategy focusing on their cooling-related service pages, which included cooling repair, installation, and maintenance. They were looking forward to boosting their sales during the summer when these services would be in high demand.

Strategy and Implementation

Given that SEO takes approximately 4-6 months to show significant results, we began our optimization efforts early. Our strategy involved enhancing the content on cooling-related pages to make them more informative and engaging for potential customers. Additionally, we improved internal linking structures to ensure the organic momentum would flow seamlessly throughout all cooling service pages. Here’s a more detailed look at the several key steps we implemented for this strategy:


1. Keyword Research: We conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-converting keywords related to cooling services. This included terms like “cooling repair,” “cooling installation,” and “cooling maintenance.”


2. On-Page Optimization: We revamped the content and structure of Unique’s cooling service pages to align with SEO best practices. This involved optimizing meta titles, descriptions, headers, and content to include target keywords naturally throughout the copy.


3. Content Enhancement: High-quality, informative content is essential for SEO and user engagement. We improved the content on each service page, addressing common concerns and showcasing Unique Indoor Comfort’s expertise.


4. Internal Linking: We strategically implemented internal linking between the cooling service pages and other relevant pages on the website. This not only improved user navigation but also distributed the organic momentum effectively.


5. Monitoring and Analysis: We closely monitored the performance of the cooling service pages using our tools and analytics. This allowed us to make data-driven adjustments as needed.

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Remarkable Results

The results of our efforts for Unique’s cooling service pages were remarkable. By isolating and targeting the cooling pages, we observed a substantial increase in organic traffic and conversions. Here are some impressive stats showcasing our successful efforts:


1. Organic Conversions Surge: In July, there was a staggering 900% increase in organic conversions compared to the same month in the previous year. The cooling service pages received 140 conversions, a substantial improvement from the previous 14.


2. Increased Organic Traffic: Unique experienced a 5.71% boost in organic traffic to their cooling service pages during July, indicating improved visibility and user engagement.


3. Keyword Rankings: The optimization efforts led to a significant improvement in keyword rankings. There was an overall increase of 2,665 positions for cooling-related keywords, with 165 new keywords ranking in July alone.


Our partnership with Unique yielded impressive results in a relatively short time frame. By strategically optimizing their cooling service pages and implementing best SEO practices, we not only increased organic traffic but also significantly enhanced conversion rates during the critical summer season. The success of this project demonstrates the power of a well-executed SEO strategy in driving business growth and capitalizing on seasonal opportunities. As we refine and expand our SEO efforts, we look forward to further boosting Unique Indoor Comfort’s online presence and delivering even more substantial results.