A young professional with a passion for marketing, Harry believes that dedication and team-work are crucial values when doing any job and is always eager to learn new skills.   

A 2021 Ursinus graduate, Harry majored in Media and Communications and was introduced to marketing through an SEO internship for Allied Wire & Cable in the summer of 2020. After graduating, he decided to take a brief detour in his marketing career by taking a job for Nolan Painting. 

After spending two years as a painter, he left Nolan and spent the summer of 2023 building up his marketing experience by interning for a marketing firm and helping a local business with their social media strategy. Eventually, he found his way to beMarketing and began the next chapter in his career as an Account Manager. 

In his free-time, he can either be found doing karaoke, acting, working out or just gaming.

Outside of Working

Yes, sometimes we are not at work.

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