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Digital Marketing Tools for YOUR Nonprofit Organization

Technologies That Will Benefit Your Nonprofit and Help Your Drive Your Mission

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Content Management System

Whether you’re involved with one nonprofit chapter or several, our CMS will make controlling your website easier than ever. With nonprofits in mind, this CMS was built so that anyone in your organization can easily create, edit, and remove content from your site. Not only will this make your life easier, but you can also rest easy knowing that your best assets are being showcased online at all times.


Reporting & Analytics

Your main mission is to have a positive influence on people and the world—our main mission is to do the same for your nonprofit by providing you with beneficial data that’s easy for you to understand. With our state-of-the-art reporting and analytics tools, we’ll give you the insight you need to understand your nonprofit’s growth, so you can make decisions that will benefit your organization AND the cause you’re serving.


Dynamic Landing Pages

Just like an unsuccessful fundraiser can hurt donations—and your nonprofit as a whole—so can unsuccessful landing pages, and this happens when an ad leads a person to a weak web page. In order to get the most of your ads, we’ll develop dynamic landing pages that will appeal to people and entice them to donate time and/or money on your cause.


Call Tracking & Reporting

If you want to see which ads, pages, and keywords are getting you the best results—and which ones aren’t—then you need our call tracking and reporting. We’ll be able to analyze all of this data, and break it down for you, so we can tweak your ad campaigns and you can get the most out of your ad dollars.


A/B Testing

In order for our system to determine which of your ads are performing well and which ones aren’t, we need to be able to compare your campaigns without taking them down. Thanks to this technology, we’re able to test and evaluate new ads—without taking down your current ad—and compare their data with your current campaign. This way your ads stay profitable and effective.


The beMarketing Difference

You want to partner up with a team who makes it easy for you to make a difference in your business—people who break down barriers and build up results, so you can achieve the highest level of business success. When you join our hive, these are the differences we promise to deliver:

Our beCampaign™ Will Benefit YOUR Nonprofit Organization

The beCampaign™ is our unique plan that we prescribe specifically for our nonprofit clientele. Founded in strategy, driven by data and supported with creativity, our beCampaign™ is designed to deliver sustainable growth and profitability.

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