Do you live in the Levittown area and are looking for a local marketing agency to effectively create and manage your online marketing? beMarketing offers social media, paid, and organic marketing services to ensure your brand is voiced within the online community. beMarketing has the tools and professional experience to help build brands for small businesses through marketing tools. Our strategies and personal services are available to a wide range of businesses to help them build their brand and voice in the online community. 

Local Digital Marketing Services

Social media is becoming a way of life for many businesses and is an essential tool for gaining a voice within your business’s online community. Our social media strategies consist of eight categories that we highlight below. 

  • Content Creation

Our first step to establishing your business and promoting it to potential customers is giving your brand the appropriate voice. With the vast array of social media platforms, our team will prepare specific content that fits each platform. 

  • Community Engagement

Social media is crucial for your business and our team. We provide our clients with the protection of their brands at all times while responding to positive and negative feedback on social media about their business. 

  • Reputation Management on Social Media Channels

Every business has its own unique way of operating. Our team generates the content and creates social media profiles that allow you to operate in your own way. 

  • Paid Advertising on Social Media Platforms

Social media has a strong reputation for driving a large amount of traffic to your business’s website. At beMarketing, we will design and build advertisements to increase traffic to your website to increase sales of products or services. 

  • Social Promotions

Social media is a powerhouse in today’s world, mainly because of the connections. We can assist you in social promotions such as giveaways, contests, and more to gain attention and engagement across platforms. 

  • Competitive Analysis

Research is essential when staying on top of trends. We provide branding strategies to help your brand stand out. 

  • Blogging and Blog Management

Our team is trained in writing riveting content that will keep your clients and customers returning for more. 

  • Custom Channel/Profile Creation

Style is critical when it comes to creating an aesthetic profile. Our team will customize your platforms to gain engagement for your target audience. 

Paid Social Media vs. Organic Social Media

Both forms of social media are essential when it comes to branding a small business. The difference between both forms is that paid marketing is when you pay to advertise on social platforms, and organic is unpaid posts and updates on social platforms. Organic social media posts encompass a variety of different formats, including

  • Text, images, and videos
  • Posts that include hashtags
  • Posts that include links
  • Event listing 

These formats can be used to promote existing products, inform about new products, share blog posts, or news in the field, encouragement to visit websites or locations, invitations for events, and so much more. Paid marketing strategies for social media can include

  • Sponsored posts
  • Boosted posts
  • Text, image, or video advertisements
  • And more

Why Choose the Local Digital Marketing Services at beMarketing?

If you are a small business owner in the Levittown area searching for a marketing agency that offers online marketing services, look no further than beMarketing. Connect with us today at (484) 261-1149 to get started on a project.