You have likely heard that the rivalry between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg was taken to the next level last week when Zuckerberg’s Meta launched Threads, a new conversation-based social media platform. Threads is clearly intended to be a direct competitor and eventual replacement for Twitter.


So What Exactly is Threads?

Threads is a text-based decentralized social media platform directly intertwined with the framework of Instagram. In fact, as of now, users must have an Instagram account to create a Threads account. Creating a Threads profile is perhaps the easiest of any social networking site, as your company’s Instagram username and profile are directly transferred to Threads, including verification status, handles, and who you follow. You can also notify your existing followers on Instagram to follow you on Threads. 


How to Access Threads

Currently, Threads is only accessible through the app and is available on Apple iOS and Android systems. The current Threads website is nothing more than a QR Code that directs visitors to download the app. The easiest way to directly access Threads is through the link on Instagram.


Why Threads?

Ever since the change in leadership at Twitter, the platform has continued to roll out features and policies that anger and turn away their users. It started with the removal of verified accounts and, most recently, the implementation of post-view limits. While other platforms such as Bluesky and Mastodon have also gained in popularity, the one big advantage Threads has is the built-in customer base provided by Instagram. 


Brands can seamlessly adopt the new platform from Instagram and use Threads as a text-based extension while still sharing photos and videos about their company. Similar to Twitter, brands can post, repost, reply to, quote, and like threads. Much like the safety measures deployed on Instagram, Threads will enforce Meta’s community guidelines to moderate content, including content warnings on hate speech, conspiracy theories, and misinformation. Threads is looking to create a kind and thoughtful community that can avoid the aggressive and hateful nature that Twitter has become. 


Will It Have Sustained Success?

While frustration with Twitter has led to rapid momentum for Threads, their sustained success is far from guaranteed. While other alternative apps have increased usage as individuals and businesses look for alternatives to Twitter, Threads is the first platform to gain substantial traction in getting major brand accounts and high-profile celebrities to make the move. The app gained over five million sign-ups within the first four hours of launch and has already surpassed 100 million users as of Monday morning. 


Threads is not without flaws, though. The new app has many of the same features that have caused viewers to sour on Twitter. The home feed continues to push posts that are “recommended” for users rather than exclusively showing the user’s following, and the algorithm has a lack of chronological order in your feed. 


Should Your Business Join Threads?

The great thing about Threads is that because profiles are directly linked to Instagram accounts, there is no rush to join. Brands keep their handle and profile name from Instagram, so your business handle is essentially already secured. One downside for companies is that Meta currently has no advertising capabilities, although that could change. 


While the euphoria of a new platform is garnering a lot of headlines right now, our advice is to wait until the initial push settles down a bit. Let’s see what new features are rolled out, analyze where the platform stands and what the staying power outlook is. 


Threads could be useful to your brand in the future. A lot depends on how much of your audience makes the shift, actively uses the app, and what your marketing goals are. 


beMarketing’s social media experts are following along closely and learning more about Threads to make the most informed decisions for our clients. As always, if you have any questions, please contact our team!