When it comes to your marketing automation strategy, how do you go about their management? Whether you are just beginning to implement campaigns for your business or you are delving deeper into the topic altogether, it’s important to take note of how platforms such as Google has been directly impacting the weight of automation. With more than 50% of companies using marketing automation to better help with time management, it’s vital to take the time to understand the full capabilities that automation campaigns offer and how you can best use them to your advantage to get the results you wish to achieve. However, having the ability to be more hands-on with a campaign rather than letting the automation take over is vital for paid search experts. Below, we’ve listed 3 various automated campaigns that you should consider adding to your marketing automation strategy

Smart Display with Google Smart Campaigns 

If you are looking to have more control over the conversions for your campaign, Smart Display campaigns are a great way to have this level of control while leveraging a wide variety of Google’s targeting automation strategies. While your campaign is live, the targeting is what is automated and then Google optimizes it. This can position your ads in a way that gives them more viewership without having to spend extra on impressions. It’s important to note that there are requirements to use pay for conversions so you will need to confirm that you have eligibility to utilize this campaign type.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

With DSA, users have the ability to input one or multiple URLs and Google will then take these inputs for an ad. This will also be based on certain keywords that are not only on the given URL page but within the ad copy that is provided. While you may be hesitant about this form of automated campaign and question where your capability to step in is, know that the descriptions are fully under your control. It allows you to view search terms that triggered your ad as well as the headline and page that Google then selected. 

Custom Video  

Considering video campaigns? Custom video campaigns are just for you! If you are familiar with TrueView, which is utilized for action campaigns, you will find that users will have the chance to add long headlines and descriptions as it will soon be transitioned to “Video Action Campaigns”. Users also have the capability to create their own campaigns as well. 

Elite Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies from The Hive

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