The plumbing industry is incredibly competitive. Most plumbing companies are very small businesses, with just a couple of employees. While fixing a leaky sink or clogged drain comes easy to plumbers, standing out in a crowded market does not. Focusing on marketing is probably not your top priority over the day-to-day operations of your business. Especially as marketing strategies become more and more complex, with companies now required to build up their brand both online and offline to fully maximize their potential audience. That is where beMarketing can help unclog your workload and take your marketing efforts off of your plate and to the next level. Our team of experts has compiled a list of 10 strategies of marketing for plumbers to build a stronger reputation and grow revenue.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

The most important aspect of your website is that it is easy to navigate. These days, that means being optimized for smartphones and tablets. Mobile-friendly websites adjust automatically to screen size, are not cluttered with images or large text boxes, and are hosted on a platform that will load quickly.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

90% of consumers find local businesses through internet search engines. Sprinkling carefully researched keywords throughout your website is the best way to ensure that your business is ranking near the top of searches. When somebody searches “plumbers near me” is your company showing up? Choosing the best keywords and tags to use for content on your website will help your business appear on page one of organic search results. 

Assess Your Marketing Budget

Industry standards say that a plumbing company should be dedicating at least 10-15% of sales toward their plumbing marketing budget. Once you set your budget, take a look at the best way to allocate your marketing spend between TV, radio, billboards, print ads, digital ads, and more. Utilizing a marketing agency such as beMarketing, with a team who are experts in marketing for plumbers is typically the best way to maximize your return on investment and be guaranteed your marketing budget is yielding results.

Lead Tracking and Reporting

Speaking of results, the best way to measure your marketing campaign’s success is with lead tracking and reporting. Tracking all of your data is crucial for accurately calculating marketing costs and the resulting ROI.

Ask Customers for Google Reviews

Studies show that over 80% of consumers will view your online reviews before making a purchase. Managing your reviews is crucial and people tend to value public reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Businesses should be asking their customers to leave them reviews, and responding to each review with a personalized response.

Unclog Your Marketing Efforts with beMarketing 

If you are frustrated with your business’s ability to stand out in a crowded industry and are looking to improve your reputation and grow revenue through your marketing efforts, turn to beMarketing. We have a wealth of experience in marketing for plumbers and a team equipped to implement the best plumbing marketing strategies to maximize your ROI so that you aren’t flushing your marketing budget down the toilet.