When’s the last time you checked your cluttered email inbox and thought, “Hey, this seems really interesting.”? For most of us, this epiphany rarely, if ever happens. Sifting through thousands of promotional emails with the same old copy has proven to be a daunting task, and perhaps now more than ever people are tempted into hitting “unsubscribe.” To avoid being ignored, or better yet sent to the dreaded spam folder, your business needs to both utilize emerging email marketing strategies and think of new ways to stand out. 

At beMarketing, our email marketing specialists know just about everything when it comes to crafting, engaging, and driving real results through email marketing campaigns. Take a look to learn some email marketing best practices that are sure to make a difference. 

Think Outside the Box: 

This tip might seem relatively obvious, but it applies to multiple areas of your email marketing campaign. The most important element of your email should always be the content. First, ensure that excellent writers are crafting copy that is enticing, engaging, and consistent with your brand voice. Next, be sure to include visual elements that truly grab the eye of your email subscribers. Finally, tie in your promotions or services to current themes, holidays, or news stories that could help to bring relevance to your pitch. 

You may be thinking now, “this explanation sounds like a basic email template.” The truth is, you’d be right. It’s no longer enough to have well-written, aesthetically pleasing emails. It’s up to you, or your expert marketing partner, to figure out ways to express your business in new and unique ways to keep your subscribers interested, informed, and connected. 

Conduct an A/B Email Test: 

An A/B test is a prominent strategy that sends two different variations of a similar email to two separate groups of email subscribers. Through this process, you’re able to dissect the results of each email group and therefore figure out what your subscribers enjoy interacting with, what caught their attention, and what wasn’t so successful. One of the most important factors of an A/B test is the subject line, as ultimately this is your chance to get them to open the email in the first place. Similar things to monitor would include image choices, copy length, certain colors or placement of content, or mobile-friendly features. 

Create an Email Drip Campaign

One of the most critical places to capitalize on your email marketing campaign is with new subscribers. Drip campaigns, or a series of emails that are sent to new users who signed up for your newsletter, are incredibly beneficial in helping to make a great first impression with consumers. The sequence of your drip campaign is equally important, however. The first email should always be a welcoming one — thanking the user for subscribing, giving a glimpse of what type of content to expect, and prompting them to further interact with your website or product lists. From there, your CTA can include new incentives based on their responsiveness. Things like loyalty programs, welcome discounts, and more are great ways to build trust, legitimacy, and brand loyalty. 

Proven Email Marketing Results, CC: beMarketing! 

Running all of these preference tests, brushing through analytics, and keeping a consistent yet unique tone in your messaging can become a heavy burden for business owners. That’s why beMarketing provides turnkey email marketing solutions that are proven to boost your subscriber lists, generate stronger leads, boost click rates, and ultimately drive sales. Connect with The Hive today if you’re ready to reach the email priority folder!