Relevance should always be the key concept to consider while constructing a content marketing strategy. Whether you’re writing web copy like blogs or digital advertisements or creating a social media calendar for the month, your goal is to make content that is timely, interesting, or somehow tied into a trending topic, holiday, or event. Digital marketers, social media managers, and search engineers need to be focused on the current digital landscape so that their content truly resonates and engages with consumers. 

While relevance is so pertinent to your campaign, not all of your content needs account for the “here and now.” At beMarketing, we create optimized content plans not only for today’s trends and topics but also for what will remain relevant in the future. We do this by utilizing evergreen content

What is Evergreen Content? 

Evergreen content is content that does not pertain to dates, events, or trends, but instead remains relevant for long periods of time. From a social media perspective, evergreen content could include curated posts that would increase engagement really any time of the year. Say, a picture of your employees interacting or a video of your puppy running through the office. 

For the purpose of this blog, the “evergreen” we’re referring to is the optimized content that is always relevant, will always be searched for, and always helps with your search engine rankings or finding new consumers. In fact, evergreen content is intended to increase website traffic gradually, as the hope is for people to continuously visit this page far after publication. 

How to Use Evergreen Content! 

The way in which you create and optimize evergreen content will certainly depend on which industry you reside in. Take a look below at some evergreen content examples we’ve created for SEO clients throughout different fields.

Healthcare: 5 Qualities to Look for in a Telemedicine Service 

Home Services: 6 Advantages of Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Education: How to Use Social Media to Better Engage With Prospective Students

What’s the common denominator of these blog topics? They aren’t tied to any events or trends, they are relevant both now and in the future, and their primary function is to answer frequently asked questions or match search engine results that their intended audiences would search for. If the Home Services blog had read, The Benefits of Installing a New Heater in the Fall, that would be a fine blog. But note that would not be evergreen, as this seasonal theme could provide no benefit to a reader in the Spring or Winter. 

If you hadn’t noticed yet, the blog you’re reading right now is evergreen! 

Turn Your Profits Evergreen!

Partner with beMarketing to further showcase your company as an authoritative thought leader in your unique industry. We’ll help you craft the messaging with the help of our copywriters, complement its aesthetic with the help of our designers, and get it in front of the eyes of intended customers with the help of our expert digital team. Give us a buzz today to learn more about how a new content marketing strategy can turn content into gold!