Want to know which Facebook ad format produces the best results? Should you focus on image ads or perhaps video ads are the way to go? You may hear this question all the time or maybe you’re the one that’s always asking this question. Unfortunately, Facebook advertising is not one-size-fits-all. Image ads and video ads each work best in their own circumstances. 

Facebook Image Ad Best Practices

It’s a good idea to keep in mind when using image ads on Facebook is that they typically perform best when you’re asking customers to take a simple action. What are simple actions, you may ask? Simple actions are asking a customer to download a guide, purchase a $20 product that doesn’t need much thought, etc. Image ads allow your creative to be more simple and less informative. Warmer audiences lean more towards simpler ad creatives because it serves as a reminder for them. These customers may have interacted with your ads in the past, are familiar with your business, products, or services, and don’t need much explanation. 

Types of image ads can include:

  • Single image
  • Carousel
  • Collection

Facebook Video Ad Best Practices

Facebook video ads are scroll-stopping compared to text on a screen. Videos catch the eye and engage viewers, meaning you can get your point across in a matter of seconds. Video ads allow you to introduce your audience to new products or services with a more complex ad creative. Advertising a high-paying service or high-ticket service might work best with a video because people want more information to make an informed decision. Say you offer a $30,000 service; your customers might need extra convincing before choosing to spend their money with you. Lucky for you, video ads on Facebook allow you to upload videos as long as two minutes, providing plenty of time to explain everything you have to offer. You can highlight the product, the service, use customer testimonials; the possibilities are endless. 

Types of video ads can include:

  • Single video
  • Slideshow

What’s The Best Option for Your Business?

The easiest way to think about the best option to choose for your business is to imagine a spectrum. You have image ads on one side and video ads on the other. There may be some instances where image ads work really well and there will be times when Facebook video ads are more effective. The best way to account for this is to use both forms of creative. At beMarketing, we’re always trying new techniques and providing the best recommendations to our clients. As a top advertising agency, we know every customer and product is different, which is why we’ll optimize your digital advertising to the fullest. 

Jordyn Slocum, Digital Team Lead