Private schools are equipped with various luxuries with the exception of one glaring piece: a guaranteed group of annual students assigned to your school based on geographical location. What that means for your private institution is that you’ll need a concrete, multi-level marketing plan to increase student enrollment and enhance the general image of your school online. As private schools often have access to the most incredible student resources, faculty, and curriculums, you require a proper digital marketing strategy that portrays that to prospective parents and potential students. 

A private school marketing plan doesn’t always need to break the bank and it similarly doesn’t mean that your staff needs to shift their educational focus on marketing efforts. At beMarketing, we work directly with private schools from pre-schools to universities to assess their enrollment needs, employ digital strategies, and ultimately drive true results. Below, we’ve compiled marketing tactics that every private school should implement to stand out from the crowd. 

Social Media Marketing:

Here at “The Hive”, we put a heavy emphasis on “BE-ing Social.” The social media of today has evolved far past instant messaging and status updates. Simply put, if your private school is not using social media to engage with the masses, then you’re ignoring endless opportunities to connect with an audience both old and new. For universities, emerging media platforms like TikTok present you with the chance to engage organically with prospective students. For private preschools to high schools, apps like LinkedIn can be incredibly effective for reaching those that traditionally decide enrollment decisions: parents. 

Search Engine Optimization: 

SEO has proven to be immensely influential in various industries, but specifically useful in the education sphere. There is a considerable amount of online research done by both parents and students when it comes to such a critical decision as to where to gain an education. In order for your private school to rank high within frequent Google searches, your website and content need to meet specific criteria and include specific jargon or keywords that shadow what people are actively searching for. SEO is a wide term that can include your website design, keyword research, blog content, and more! 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): 

PPC advertising offers a more targeted approach to enrollment. It is one of the most effective ways to drive parents and students to your website, given you’re only displaying the ads to the audiences you deem eligible and appropriate. It’s given that not every parent will be interested in sending their child to a private school, so PPC ads narrow your net and create more legitimate leads. 

Private schools can often rely on familiar faces. For those students who have attended, it’s fair to assume that their younger siblings will follow suit or that parents will recommend to friends or co-workers. At beMarketing, we know assumptions and word-of-mouth will not suffice for your educational organization. Our multifaceted team of marketing professionals works in unison to develop the highest quality and most effective digital marketing strategies. Are you ready to develop a marketing plan to increase student enrollment? Let’s Connect today!