importance of blogs for SEOAre you looking to increase the traffic coming to your website? You may be wondering how your site will ever be found under the endless search results on Google. One helpful SEO tactic to implement is blogging. Did you know that the average company that blogs has 55% more visitors? Adding blog posts will help your website in several ways, but it will mainly help to boost your SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions.

Here are some helpful tips from the experts at beMarketing on how to use blog posts to your advantage.

Fresh Content
Search engines notice when websites are updated, and they love when sites add new content! Google wants to post the most updated content for their viewers. It can be difficult to constantly update your website so that you stay relevant and fresh. That’s why blogs are the best way to stay relevant, and you’ll have a better chance to take the #1 spot on the search engine result page.

Figure Out the Right Keywords to Use
Do some research to discover the valuable keywords for your SEO strategy whenever you create a new blog post. Keyword research is crucial for on page optimization. It is the best way to find the keywords and phrases that searchers would commonly use when looking for a company like yours. Looking at your competitor’s websites may also help you to find what keywords or phrases are popular in the industry.

Once you have found your keywords, mention them in the header and the body of your post, but make sure you’re not over using the keywords. Make them flow into the body of your writing in a way that provides value to both your website and the reader.

Backlinks are very important because they give you a chance to include links to other relevant websites in your blog. This will help you to develop relationships with other sites, and in return, these websites may link back to your website. Also, you are making it easier for your viewers to find the pages on your website. For example, if you are discussing your services in the blog, you can provide a link to that section of the website. You could do something along these lines: “Our Social Media Management services will help you stay on the minds of consumers by consistently posting engaging content on various platforms.”

Using images in your blog will make your posts more engaging to your audience, and it also gives search engines another way to find you. To ensure you benefit from using images on your blog, be sure to name your images.

Video Blogs
Implementing video blogs to your marketing strategy is a great way to show off the personality of your brand. Viewers will be able to identify with your brand on a more personal level because you are putting a face behind your brand. Also, consumers can multi-task while they listen to a video blog. The audio aspect allows consumers to listen to your blog while they are at the gym or performing other activities when reading isn’t convenient.

Blogs will help to boost the incoming traffic coming to your website by making it fresh and relevant. Staying up-to-date with blogs can be challenging, but beMarketing is here to help! Our team of can create the perfect blogs  for you to ensure it gives you the best search engine advantages.

Contact us today to see how we can implement blogging and other tools to take your marketing strategy to another level!