Businesses of all sizes and in all industries around the world have undoubtedly been through their fair share of turmoil during this unprecedented year. There’s been perhaps no industry, however, that’s struggled and been more directly affected harder than the restaurant business. Seating restrictions, social distancing laws, and a shared societal paranoia have all forced restaurants to cut essential staff, pivot to takeout or delivery specials, and in the direst cases, close their doors for good. 

On a positive note, the pandemic has taught us one thing: The restaurants we love, and more specifically the individuals who operate them, are resilient. It’s been similarly uplifting to see a nationwide push of people who are purposefully deciding to shop small and eat local. As we reach closer to the back-end of this unforgettable pandemic, there are certain strategies that restaurant owners should be utilizing to prepare for reopening and the upcoming summer dining craze. 

What Restaurants Need to do to Operate: 

As a restaurant owner, you’re focused on fresh ingredients, wonderful customer service, and serving delicious dishes. As a restaurant marketing agency, we’re focused on driving customers to your location so that they can experience that. The best way to do that is by utilizing specific digital media tools that exist for that exact purpose. Google My Business is the most impactful tool for the restaurant industry. Below, we’ve offered some tips on how to optimize Google My Business and how to receive fast meaningful results. 

Start with Your Website: 

Your website is essentially the “home base” for all digital activities and efforts. In other words, the ultimate goal of additional marketing strategies is to get potential customers to your website so that they can order, reserve, or identify your restaurant as their next date night! With that said, it’s essential that your website is up-to-date, and contains all the relevant, timely information that corresponds with your business. Make sure all COVID guidelines are posted, your hours and schedules are accurate, and your specials and menus are easily accessible and correct. 

How to Optimize Google My Business: 

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the name of the game when it comes to restaurant marketing. Google My Business is a tool that connects your restaurant with audiences both locally and nationwide. Through this software, you’re prompted to provide your location that will display to nearby customers on Google Maps and local search results. In an age of rampant dining competition, standing out in the Google search rankings is incredibly influential. Here, we’ve compiled a GMB checklist for your restaurant: 

  • Order ahead and reservation links are up to date
  • All health and safety codes are up to date with current CDC guidelines
  • Hours, address, and dining options are all current and correct 
  • Create posts that highlight your service options (curbside pick up, delivery, dine-in, mobile delivery apps)
  • Frequent posts that highlight specials and opening status. 

As many restaurants are still suffering from the after-effects of the pandemic, owners may still wonder what restaurants need to do to operate. At beMarketing, we provide restaurant solutions that are connected to the current digital age. We offer unparalleled Google My Business optimization services, as our expert digital team is constantly conducting research to find the highest performing keywords specific to the restaurant industry. We’re here to help you weather the never-ending storm that is the food business. Connect with us today to rank higher online and gain more customers through your doors.