One of the first questions you might find yourself asking when you are in need of a website is “what’s the best platform to build a website on?” We at beMarketing have a simple answer for you and that answer is WordPress. Below we will discuss our top five benefits of WordPress as a platform, and why you should look to have your future website built in WordPress.


Accessibility and Ease of Use

WordPress is one of the most accessible website-building platforms on the internet. The intuitive interface and easy-to-use page builder make WordPress’ accessibility the number one benefit of having a WordPress site. No matter your technical skillset, you will easily be able to make edits to your website’s content all by yourself.


Search Engines love WordPress site’s

Another benefit of a WordPress site is how easy it is to apply SEO to your website. The backend structure of a WordPress site is simple and easy for search engines to interpret and rank within their search results. Web page meta keywords, titles, and descriptions are the driving forces behind good SEO, and WordPress allows you to easily include unique metadata for each individual page on your site. Having proper SEO will help you appear higher in a search engine’s results and will help people find your website!


Your site is completely yours to control

Many website-building platforms limit your options when it comes to designing and developing certain aspects of your website. With WordPress, this is the opposite. WordPress gives you full control of nearly every aspect of your website to tweak, design, and create exactly what you would like. With WordPress, you can create a unique environment for your visitors and present your brand to the world exactly how you envision it!


Update and manage your website from anywhere

WordPress is a browser-based application, which means there is no third-party software required for you to manage your website. Gone are the days of using HTML editing software and an FTP solution to make updates or add a new page to your website. WordPress allows you to do all that and more simply by logging in to your website’s dashboard. All you need is a computer to access your website from anywhere!


Your WordPress site can scale alongside your business

WordPress allows you to have as many pages and blog posts as you like without compromising the speed and performance of your website. In addition, WordPress allows you to easily increase the functionality of your website with plugins. Do you need a calendar to show your clients what days your store is open? There is a plugin for that. Do you need to sell products in your store and ship them to your clients? There is a plugin for that. WordPress allows you to customize your website to do exactly what you need it to. The opportunities are endless!

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Jason Marshall, Web Developer