As times change (especially when it changes to times of uncertainty), the need to be flexible and dynamic is now more important than ever. Due to the recent pandemic, we have seen society making a drastic shift towards technology and online means of communication in an attempt to keep everyday routines rolling. From big corporations all the way down to small businesses, all industries have been impacted by the pandemic— especially the education sphere. In fact, studies show that about 93% of households with students reported some form of learning taking place outside of the classroom through virtual classes and online assignments. Breaking away from traditional in-school learning has been quite the challenge but has been necessary to keep students, teachers, and faculty in good health. 

What lies ahead for the education realm is still left unanswered. With undergraduate enrollment down by 2.5% for the Fall 2020 semester, institutions worry about how to recruit students virtually to their universities during these unusual circumstances. Although it seems like a daunting task, the secret lies in your digital marketing strategy! We’ve listed a few effective digital marketing strategies for education industries to consider using for recruiting students virtually. 

Consider Increasing Digital Marketing Strategies 

Take a look at your current marketing budget. Now that in-person events have come to a halt, rearranging your marketing budget to accommodate digital marketing strategies designed for your institution can reach potential students in a more convenient manner. PPC campaigns, for example, can help to target audiences that you’re looking for in a financially sound way. Instead of wondering if prospective students are looking at your institution’s website, running a PPC campaign will allow your brand to get out there and be noticed rather than solely relying on organic searches to do the job. 

Upgrade Email Marketing Tactics

Since the transition to online means of communication has forced students to interact and engage more through email, focusing your recruitment tactics through email marketing gives your institution the opportunity to capture attention from potential students. Through various types of insightful email content, your institution has the ability to inform, educate, and shed light on many aspects of your school that students may be curious about. Certain types of email marketing you could use to draw in potential students include: 

  • FAQ mailers. 
  • Informational content about scholarships. 
  • Student stories/campus life.
  • Staff introductions.

Work on Social Media Presence 

Social media is the hub for student interaction (both prospective and current) and a great way to get conversations about your institution started. Whether your school has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform, showing what it’s like to truly be a part of your institution is how to recruit students virtually with more success. Your institution’s social media content should: 

  • Highlight your school’s mission.
  • Emphasis core values. 
  • Showcase institution assets.
  • Relatable/engage with students.

Although these times that we are going through have created a new norm, your institution can make the most of it with professionally crafted digital marketing strategies for education. If you find you need assistance in building your brand strategy, implementing campaigns, or more, hiring a professional marketing agency as your education marketing solution starts with beMarketing. Contact us today to take your marketing to the next level.