Figuring out the most effective ways to market your pest control services can be a pesky task. Popular marketing efforts like billboard spaces or television commercials may seem ideal to most, but for smaller companies, they are incredibly expensive, questionably effective, and a bit outdated. Like many businesses around the nation, it may be time for your pest control squad to ditch the antennas and go digital! 

At beMarketing, we develop comprehensive digital advertising and marketing solutions that focus on the most relevant delivery methods: the world wide web. Below, we’ve listed three online advertising strategies to fly your pest control company to new profit heights.

Online Ads:

One of the most important advertising strategies for pest control businesses is creating online ads to display to targeted customers. PPC (or Pay Per Click) advertisements is an incredibly affordable strategy that only charges your business when users actually click on your advertisement and go to your website. This way, you can identify each unique customer that visits your website as a lead and as someone with an active intent to hire a pest service, and also eliminate wasted advertisement spending in other places. With PPC, you can change your advertising budget at any time, close or open a campaign at any time, and quickly send special promotions or savings whenever you’d like. 

Content Creation:

If you’ve spoken to advertising or marketing agencies, you’ve probably heard the term “content” plenty of times. The mistake that many small businesses, such as pest control companies, make is that they see “content” as simply a collection of words that describe services or offerings. In reality, content marketing refers to any originally created entity and spans over blogs, videos, infographics, and much more. Blog posts, for example, create incredible opportunities to keep your audience engaged with the latest news in pests, infestations, control technology, or safety protocols. Video services, such as Youtube, provide platforms to teach homeowners to discover signs of cockroaches or how to prevent spiders in their basement areas. To centralize and showcase all of your content, utilize social media channels and provide the appropriate links to increase your website traffic and general awareness on social media. 

Reputation Management: 

When it comes to the pest control business, your reputation is everything. While your advertising strategies should explain how exceptional your services are or how professional your team is, what really matters is what your customers say. Reviews, testimonials, and online feedback can be the deciding factor in whether people visit your website or call your phone for an appointment. And while responding to positive feedback is always appreciated, it’s equally if not more critical to respond to negative responses. Building a positive reputation, legitimacy, and trustworthiness is a cost-effective, direct way to increase your search engine rankings and ultimately bring in new revenue. To further help with this, ask your previous clients to leave reviews on Google, Yelp, and similar platforms! 

Partner with a Hive that Understands!

beMarketing works with pest control companies to help them identify their online brand, generate completely new digital leads and ultimately increase revenue. Our digital marketing team, which just recently shortlisted for three categories for the US Search Awards including “Best Local Campaign”, are the ultimate experts in organic and paid search engine optimization strategies. Give us a buzz today at (488) 261-1149 to launch your pest control marketing campaign.