With the exception of entomologists whose mission is to study insects for a living, most people around the world would prefer to stay as far away from pests as humanly possible. In the same vein, practically every homeowner will inevitably deal with pests in some variation and at some point in their lives. As a pest control organization, you’re more familiar with these concepts than anybody, and you similarly know that the industry has recently been “flying” to new heights with even warmer climates on the horizon. 

The question begs, however, how will your organization capitalize on the seemingly endless pool of customers? Your company strives to utilize cutting-edge technology and innovative practices to increase pest control efficiency, so your marketing strategy plans should mirror that objective. Gaining a prominent digital presence has its obvious benefits, but identifying and implementing the proper avenues to get there is less apparent. 

Pest control marketing can often seem like a pesky task. Below, we’ve compiled four major strategies to drive website traffic, increase conversions, and terminate the competition. 

Functional Website: 

It may seem simple, but the starting point for any marketing strategy plan is a stunning, responsive website. Pest control is a serious service that depends heavily on first impressions. You need to develop a level of initial trust and a strong sense of legitimacy online in a matter of seconds before visitors are turned away and swarm a competitor’s website. The navigation needs to be simple enough for anyone to use, yet enhanced enough to direct potential customers to relevant content, contact information, or online appointment scheduling pages quickly.


PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) is a digital strategy that is extremely effective and also very affordable. Essentially, you pay directly for advertising that appears first within the Google search results. The budget spent on these ads is entirely up to you, and you’re able to scale spending up or down whenever you like. This is extremely useful for pest control companies, who typically experience higher traffic in certain times of the year, (like the Summer months), and could use an increase in conversions other times. PPC campaigns only attract qualified visitors that are actively searching for pest control services, so you can be sure that your leads are local, interested, and legitimate. 

Content Marketing:

Here at beMarketing, or “The Hive” as we call it, we’re very enthusiastic about creating enticing, original content. There are two basic principles that could be considered “content”, each with various moving parts. 

  • Written Content: Blogs are a great way to establish your company as leaders in the industry and drive people searching for pest control advice to your website. We recommend services to optimize your written content, typically known as “Search Engine Optimization”, or “SEO”. This digital strategy is similar to PPC as it helps you find qualified visitors, but it’s a more organic process that’s costless and develops over longer periods of time. Experienced SEO professionals, like our digital team at beMarketing, conduct thorough research to identify keywords commonly searched and tailored for your business. 
  • Visual Content: Videos, graphics, and other imagery have proven to capture attention at much higher rates than written content in the fast-paced, limitless environment that is the internet. Visuals can demonstrate similar concepts as written content, but can often portray messages or services more directly and much quicker. Social media is a great example of how to mix written and visual content into one central, effective medium.

At beMarketing, we develop digital marketing strategies that encompass all of these initiatives and direct them to portray your brand’s intended voice and messaging. We’re a full-service team of busy-bee’s all working together to create stunning websites and impactful content, while simultaneously working on the back-end to make sure visitors arrive there. Experience immediate results for your pest control company today by calling (484) 261-1149.