#1 Prominent Logo

You want your brand to be present in all frames of the banner ad, especially if you have an animated gif or flash banner ad. This may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many banner ads don’t follow this simple branding technique. Having you logo appear in every frame will increase brand awareness and brand recall. Read More (links to full Blog Post)


#2 Stand Alone

Each frame should be able to stand alone. We can’t stress this enough. As your image rotates each frame should be able to express your message completely. If a consumer tunes out after the first loop or is distracted by other content on the website, then they should still be able to recall your message, understand what is being conveyed or at a minimum know whom the ad is from a.k.a brand recognition.

#3 Simple Text

KISS (keep it simple stupid) – get to the point, keep it clear, concise and uncluttered. Your content will depend on campaign goals, for instance if you’re creating a branding awareness campaign, your tagline, logo and maybe a short line of promotional copy will suffice.

#4 Time for Some Action

Strong call to action – if you want people to do something, tell them to do something don’t ask. If you a looking for a particular action tell your audience exactly what you want them to do. For example: Visit our site, Call Today!, Click here, Like us on FB. shutterstock_134112389

#5 Bring It In for a Smooth Landing

Your message should speak to where you’re banner ad is sending traffic. Creating a banner as was only half the battle. Once you have a creative ad, the next step is to direct those that click on the ad to the most relevant landing page possible. Make sure the landing page you create is relevant to the people you are targeting otherwise visitors will bounce right off your site and potentially never comeback if they land somewhere that does serve their needs.

Reach your customers through targeted display banner ads in 2015. Contact beMarketing and we’ll make this a turnkey process.