When you first opened your practice, you assumed you would stand out from the crowd and have a plethora of patients to serve. Now that you’re in the trenches, you realize it’s not that simple. One of the most common challenges healthcare providers face is patient acquisition. Because people have so many options, the healthcare marketplace is overcrowded, and practices are vying for their patient’s attention. So, how can you meet their needs? Through clever healthcare digital marketing strategies! Below we explore five innovative patient acquisition strategies that drive qualified patients to your practice’s door.

New Patient Acquisition Strategies 

Finding new leads is one of the most challenging aspects of healthcare marketing, but it’s crucial for success. Lead generation is the process of catching the attention of potential patients for your practice and convincing them to become a member through ingenious marketing strategies. But before you can start obtaining and retaining new patients, it’s paramount to understand how to be there when your future patients look for you. Below we highlight five strategies to help you attract potential patients:

User-Friendly Website

Your website is your practice’s first impression, so make it a good one! It should include all relevant information that a patient would need, like your phone number displayed prominently, form submissions, chatbots, and clear CTAs. Make sure to include:

  • A homepage
  • An about us page
  • A patient information page
  • A services page 
  • A contact page
  • And a page for your blog content

Offer Valuable Healthcare Content

You have a user-friendly website that’s mobile-optimized, has fast load times and is easy to read. Now you need to create SEO content to draw in new patients! Google processes over 70,000 health searches a minute, so getting into the top spot on a search page is crucial. Your healthcare content should be engaging, relevant, and loaded with keywords and phrases to outrank your competitors. 

Invest in Ads

There are two components to an effective healthcare ad campaign; paid search and display ads. Paid ads are the names you see at the top of a search engine results page. Paid search advertising allows you to pay a search engine, like Google, to place your ad higher on relevant search engine results pages. Display ads are banner and sidebar ads that you commonly see on websites that combine text, images, and a URL that links to your site where a patient can learn more about your practice or book an appointment. 

Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence 

Make a meaningful impression on potential patients with a robust online presence. Over 75% of patients search online to discover practices and physicians, and most read online reviews to assess the healthcare provider before booking an appointment. Fill your social media channels with helpful information, relevant content, crisp images, interesting infographics, and engaging videos attesting to your services. A good rule of thumb is to share 50% educational content and 50% promotional content. 

Highlight Positive Reviews

What better way to show the trustworthiness and expertise of your practice than by highlighting positive patient reviews? Customer testimonials are fundamental in attracting and acquiring new patients, with 90% of people choosing a business based on a patient review.

Healthcare Marketing Strategies With beMarketing

In today’s world, people have more than enough healthcare organizations to choose from, so how can you stand out from the competition and acquire new patient leads? With a healthcare marketing strategy – just what the doctor ordered! When you partner with beMarketing and our digital marketing experts, we’ll help you get more patients through your doors and turn them into loyal customers. Contact us today to get started on a project.