Video content continues to grow as a valuable marketing tool. It is especially crucial for reaching the Gen Z audience. YouTube is one of the best platforms for this, as the platform has over 122 million visitors daily. If you are looking to produce video content or utilize video ads, YouTube is one of the best platforms.

What Are Bumper Ads?

While we know Gen Z consumers favor video content, we also understand that they have very short attention spans. That is where YouTube bumper ads are so vital. In 2016, YouTube introduced this new way to advertise with short, six-second video ads. They allow you to quickly get your brand in front of potential customers while remaining less intrusive and interruptive for consumers. Win-win.

Benefits of YouTube Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are intended to benefit everyone and be the best of both worlds for businesses and consumers with their quick, unintrusive format.


While many digital advertising avenues use a CPV (cost-per-view) format, YouTube bumper ads are charged on a CPM basis (cost-per-thousand impressions) which means you only pay every 1,000 times your ad is viewed. This model is much less expensive for a business than CPV or CPC strategy.


Because they are just quick videos, users are unable to skip these bumper ads. That significantly increases the chances your ad is viewed and receives the attention of the viewer. You can be more confident that your short message will be actively consumed by users. 

YouTube’s Massive Reach

YouTube has more than 2.6 billion active users worldwide. Make the most of your advertising budget by placing ads where you know the most users will see them. Without the ability to skip, your ad has the potential to reach the largest target audience.

Ad Targeting Strategies

YouTube uses AdWords to run its ads, which allows you to tailor advanced targeting strategies to deliver personalized ads to a specific audience. You can focus on user interests or demographics such as age, gender, or average income. Ads can also be retargeted based on a user’s YouTube history, including video views, channel views, channel subscriptions, or video comments left. Targeting specific ads to a more tailored audience will increase the ROI of your ad. 

Improved Ad Recall

By appealing to a shorter attention span, your ads will make a bigger impact on the audience. Consumers tend to “tune out” longer advertisements, but with quick bumper ads, the messaging is so quick, it is over before the viewer realizes it, leading to more lasting impressions.

Boosted Brand Awareness

With little room for messaging, the best way to utilize bumper ads is to drive website traffic and boost brand awareness. By using quick, clean messaging that captures your audience’s attention, your ads can familiarize consumers with your brand in a short but memorable way.

Improve Your Digital Advertising with beMarketing

Are you looking for ways to improve your digital advertising? Do you want to start utilizing YouTube bumper ads or enhance the effectiveness of your current ones? beMarketing’s team of professionals can help craft and implement a strategy tailored to the voice and style of your brand to improve your ROI and increase revenue. To learn more about how a digital advertising agency can help your business, contact us today.