According to research, 90% of consumers read reviews before visiting a business. Having positive Google reviews is crucial for the success of a business. 88% of online consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Building that trust with potential customers can lead to increased sales and website traffic. 

However, most people don’t put stock into reviews more than a few months old. Companies need to continuously receive new and positive feedback. One of the most common questions we get asked at beMarketing is, “how do I increase Google reviews?” Our team has compiled a list of six useful tips to help you get more reviews, and improve your Google rating.

  1. Claim Your Google Business Profile

The first thing you need to do is claim your Google Business Profile (GBP). This gives you control over how your company shows up on Google searches and allows you to update your basic information such as address, contact information, and hours. Completing your profile will let users know it is your official business profile, which makes them more likely to leave a review. 

  1. Send Email Reminders

A common mistake businesses make is asking people to leave a review right after they complete a purchase. The problem with this is that they haven’t gotten to experience the product or service yet. If you send out an email reminder a week or so after the transaction, they are more likely to complete it and leave a review. 

  1. Share Positive Reviews on Other Outlets

Sharing positive feedback on outlets like social media channels is a win-win for your company. For starters, it provides positive testimonials for potential customers to see and is a great way to market your business. But at the same time, when consumers see that their reviews are noticed, and could have their comments shared on social media, they are more likely to leave one themselves. 

  1. Use Physical Reminders for Digital Reviews

If a purchase is made in person, you don’t always have an email address to send reminders. Leave business cards or other signage with a link or QR code and brief instructions for leaving an online review.

  1. Respond to All Reviews

It is always good to respond to all reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Thank positive reviews for their feedback, and use negative reviews as an opportunity to learn and grow. Showing consumers you take reviews seriously will improve your business, increase customer retention, and help you get more reviews.

  1. Always Go Above and Beyond

Let’s be honest, most people who take the time to leave a review either had an extremely positive experience or a negative one. By consistently going above and beyond and wowing your customers, you can make sure it is more of the former.

Increase Google Reviews With Help From beMarketing

If you are looking to increase the number of positive reviews that your business receives, turn to beMarketing’s reputation management services. We monitor what is said about your company and respond to the reviews, both positive and negative. We actively interact with your customers, ensuring your voice is being represented and issues are addressed promptly. Contact us today to learn more!