Full speed ahead! The new year has been kicked into full throttle, calling for an inspection on your company’s marketing plans. With every new year comes new marketing trends which are crucial to pay attention to in order to keep up to speed with what will generate new leads and what strategies are best left in the dust. As we take a look at auto dealership marketing trends over the past few years, there has been a dramatic shift in the way potential car buyers go about obtaining a new vehicle. According to COX Automotive, every 7 out of 10 car buyers will be more likely to purchase a vehicle from a dealership if they are able to start the process online rather than initially starting at the dealership. In order to stay in the race in a widely competitive industry, take the following car dealership marketing 2021 trends into consideration for your own auto dealership.

Make the Move to Mobile  

It may come as no surprise that the majority of consumers are turning to online resources for potential purchases rather than visiting a location first, especially with the recent pandemic to consider. An astounding 92% of car buyers conduct research online prior to purchasing a vehicle, meaning your marketing plan should most definitely include mobile aspects. From constructing your website to be more user-friendly to investing in mobile ad campaigns, your marketing efforts should be where the majority of your potential customers are searching for cars. The sooner you hop on the mobile trend train, the sooner you will begin to see more results, and turning to auto dealership marketing experts will help you make the move to mobile— quickly and efficiently. 

Capitalize on Customer Service 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well would you rate your customer service skills? Even if you’d say it was a 10, there is always room for improvement when it comes to customer service! New auto dealership marketing trends show a strong correlation between sales and customer experience, as price does not carry as much weight in a consumer’s decision as to their overall experience. Making the car buying process easier and more convenient for your prospective customers will not only encourage them to shop around but will show how much your dealership cares about customer satisfaction. The automotive industry is quite the competition and any way that you can differentiate yourself from the rest will make all the difference. 

Gain Views from Video Content 

If you’re looking for increased ROI and lead generation, consider incorporating video content into your marketing strategy. Video content is on the rise, grabbing more attention, engagement, and impressions all the while showcasing company creativity. Whether you decide to make video content highlighting features of certain car models or use this platform to film real-life customer testimonials, utilizing video content helps with brand authenticity while giving customers a more visually appealing way to absorb information. Recent studies have shown more than half of consumers want to see more video content from brands, so it’s time to break out the camera and start rolling!

Ready to get started on adopting the following car dealership marketing 2021 strategies to set you up for a successful year? To revamp your marketing plan to match with recent industry trends or to learn more information about all things marketing, get in contact with the professionals at beMarketing today.