We don’t need to tell you how popular social media has become over the years. Just about everyone encounters social media in one way or another every day. That being said, it’s no wonder why so many companies invest time and money for a killer social media marketing strategy. However, there are still many individuals out there who are skeptical when it comes to the benefits of social media marketing. We at beMarketing are here to shed light on a few common misconceptions that consumers have when it comes to social media. Let’s jump right in!

I Won’t Be Able To Reach My Target Audience

One concern, arguably the most popular, is that companies feel that social media is just for a younger audience. That could not be further from the truth! According to HubSpot, Facebook alone has over 2 billion monthly users. While it is true that millennials are extremely active on Facebook, 82% of 18 to 29 year-olds are on Facebook, people ages 30-49 are also very active. In this age group, 79% of people have active Facebook accounts. With numbers this high, odds are you will be able to reach your target audience!

I Only Want Followers That Will Become Customers

While the end goal for gaining followers on social media is that they will become customers, you should still make it a goal to spread your reach as far as possible. For example, a follower of your page may not directly become a customer, but you will gain access to followers of their page. They may not have a need for your product or service, but they may know someone who does! They can refer your business by sharing one of your posts and that can lead to a sale and improve your SEO!

Social Media Marketing Will Not Help Produce Bottom-Line Results

There are many different strategies your company can implement, but the main thing you are looking for is results! When it comes to the results social media has on your company’s bottom line, the numbers speak for themselves. HubSpot reported the following numbers:

  • 62% of companies that use LinkedIn marketing have gained customers
  • Companies that post on Twitter have generated twice the amount of leads than companies that don’t use Twitter
  • 60% of Instagram users have said they found a new product through the app
  • Facebook users often discover new products or services on the site, 52% users have made this claim

As experts in the field of social media marketing, we at beMarketing want to help educate our clients about the benefits of using social media. It is important to understand the value behind this form of marketing and what it can do for your company’s marketing strategy. Contact our team today to see how we can help your company establish a presence on social media with a strategy custom-fitted for your brand!