Content marketing is a diverse, fast-moving field, and the introduction of generative AI hasn’t slowed it down. Quite the opposite, things are now changing faster than ever! At beMarketing, we believe that the best decisions are supported by data you can see and heart you can feel. With a collection of insights from the past year, we’ve put together a playbook for the future to steer your team to the finish line for 2024. 

AI is a Wingman, Not the Pilot

The marketing statistics paint a clear picture – 46% of content marketers are using AI to research headlines and keywords, but 62% worry it may lead to less respect for skilled writers. Part of the issue comes from the grammatically correct but overall route content AI tends to produce. The recommendation? Embrace AI for brainstorming and research, but let the human touch craft your narrative. It likely won’t be long before “human-powered” becomes a selling point on its own!

Skills are Your Secret Weapon

Businesses are focusing more on upskilling and reskilling their staff, rather than bringing in new hires. Providing opportunities to learn and grow creates a workforce that is both dedicated to the company and advances their competencies, allowing them to take on more challenging roles. Learning to work with new technologies (48%) and enhancing data analytics skills (42%) are the top choices. Sharpen your skills to stay at the forefront of successful marketing.

Keep Your Team Engaged

Engaged teams who are interested in their work create compelling content. 54% of content marketers often find themselves engaged at work. 

The secret to building a committed team? 

Meaningful work (81%), positive co-worker relationships (78%), and recognition for efforts (71%). Keep in mind that only 25% of content marketers say they see a clear path for advancement at their company – clarification may provide an excellent opportunity for improvement. 

Address Content Creation Challenges Head-On

Challenges are part of the content journey. Creating the right content for the right audience (57%) tops the list. To combat this, many B2B organizations (72%) say they are using AI tools to assist with content-related jobs, but more than half of those places (61%) haven’t set up guidelines for use. Expectations will continue to change, and laying out a use plan is likely to become imperative in the future. 

Leverage Short Articles and Videos

Short articles and text posts (94%) and videos (84%), followed by case studies and customer testimonials (78%) are go-to assets for successful marketing campaigns. But the magic lies in how you wield them. Used wisely, LinkedIn can be the perfect stage for your video performances, providing the best value for social media at 84%. From a traditional marketing standpoint, only 56% use webinars and in-person events, but those more labor-intensive projects produce the best results. 

Acknowledge Video Challenges

Video content is increasingly popular, especially on social media, but it’s not without hurdles. Time constraints (69%), resource limitations (56%), and other challenges may surface. Only 7% of marketers say their organization is currently using video to its full potential, so if you’re one of the 93%, add it to your 2024 goals! Develop a robust video strategy, and success will follow close behind.

As you tackle content marketing in 2024, having a partner to navigate the changing terrain in content marketing can be crucial to your success. Whether you’re looking for a team to get your social media presence noticed, someone to handle your video creation, or you’re struggling to land on the first page of Google, beMarketing can help. We specialize in SEO, social media, content creation, website design and development, and much more. Work with the experts and watch your business grow!