When someone is inquiring about law firm services, what are the integral traits that they’re typically looking for? For some people, it will certainly come down to price points, areas of specialties and expertise, or even a strong recommendation from a friend. For the majority of people, however, they’re looking for a firm that’s reputable, legitimate, and trustworthy. In the digital age, portraying these features and standing out from local, competitive firms has proven to be a daunting task. 

In a recent survey of over 1,000 participants, 86% of respondents said that they’d use Google to perform research for finding a lawyer to hire. In the same regard, however, waiting and hoping that your law firm will miraculously stand out among hundreds of firms in your area with an online presence can be a feckless attempt at law firm advertising. With the help of the right law firm marketing partners, a PPC (or Pay Per Click) campaign can launch your firm to consistently rank incredibly high locally in Google’s algorithms. In other words, these targeted ads make sure your firm shows up first when potential clients are looking for law services in your area. So how can your firm arrive there? 

Advanced Verification for Google Local Service Ads

Google’s Advanced Verification process is thorough and stringent in its research and requirements. Essentially, with the never-ending flood of phishing scams or faux businesses, this verification ensures that companies ranging in service and industry truly are who they say they are and that their records are honest and legitimate. If a business is able to pass this process, they are then able to utilize and fully unlock Local Service Ads to achieve this coveted status and desired rankings. 

Advanced Verification for Law Firms: 

Clearly, the legal industry is among the most crucial to this process, as personal records are intimately swapped, sensitive paperwork is filed, and confidentiality is a key element of any case, guidance, or service. The Advanced Verification process in general is more geared to protect people’s physical homes, and often associated with services like locksmiths. In short, law firms are not required to undergo the Advanced Verification process on Google. That doesn’t mean that your firm is exempt from any verifications before using Google Ads, though. Google requires certain basic elements of verification for law firms, such as proof of insurance, proof of relevant licenses, and a standard background check. 

be Among the Top Google Searches with beMarketing! 

Oftentimes, people searching for law firms on Google are in a hurry and are dealing with the stress of their unique legal battle. Our law firm marketing services ensure that your firm never gets lost in the endless shuffle that is the world wide web. beMarketing partners with lawyers to seamlessly pass verifications and implement targeted PPC campaigns that elevate client recruitment. 

Never again plead guilty to poor digital optimization for your law firm. Founded by strategy, supported by data, and sealed with creativity, trust the team at beMarketing to sting the competition and generate buzz for your firm.