Most professionals working in the auto industry never could have imagined that consumers would be browsing and purchasing cars through the internet. The accessibility, simplicity, and customizable features of car shopping websites have transcended the see-it-to-believe-it attitude of the car business. 

Your dealership is now faced with welcoming far more competitors than ever before. For your services to be properly advertised throughout Google, (and ultimately attract customers), you’re going to need a little extra help. PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is an advertising model that drives website traffic through payments to publishers when ads are clicked. This method is direct, quick, and has proven to be impactful in the digital advertising sphere. 

Below you’ll find more information on why every car dealership should be aware of PPC advertising before embarking on a new campaign. 

A Reach that’s Targeted and Wide:

Car dealerships want to cast a relatively wide net when it comes to identifying their audience. Ideally, most people are interested in buying a car. Additionally, those that already have cars understand that it requires regular service and maintenance from certified professionals. As immense as this potential pool of customers is, there are also specific demographics that you want to capitalize on. 

PPC advertising allows you to target ads that are location-specific, going as close as your immediate town to as large as your entire state or region. You can also be specific to your product. Google Ads provides the option to implement keywords to differentiate your vehicles by model, make, condition, and more! You’re also able to add negative keywords that prevent your ads from appearing on wasted searches to increase efficiency and ROI.  

Data that’s Scalable and Trackable: 

A sometimes frustrating component of any car dealership advertising plan is that it can be extremely difficult to measure the success of each individual marketing initiative. With PPC advertising, analytical tools provide key insights and tangible data that present clear answers to what exactly is working and what is not. Once you know which ads are performing best and are driving the most clicks, it helps you to eliminate the guesswork and redirect marketing dollars and time toward the beneficial ones. 

As far as costs are concerned, it’s completely up to you how much you’d like to spend on pay-per-click advertising. Clearly, appropriate money spent on a digital advertising campaign is dependent upon your budget or the size of your dealership. As a whole, however, there’s no other advertising avenue that can present you with a clearer picture of dollars spent versus sales earned. 

Simple and Fast Start: 

If you’re currently behind your competitors in terms of digital advertising and marketing, PPC advertising helps jump right past them and do it quickly. Organic strategies like SEO are incredibly effective but they often take considerable time to develop and to earn positive ranks on search engines. Paid ads launch you far beyond your current customer base that is already interacting with your site or social media channels. The right digital marketing partners will help your car dealership zoom to the first page of Google, both attracting new customers and eliminating competitors. 

The ‘Hive’ Drives Clicks

If you’re ready to dive into PPC advertising, you need a team that has the results to prove their success and the resources to ensure yours. At beMarketing, we have a digital team that’s consistently breaking the mold when it comes to optimization, a design team that creates stunning imagery for your advertisements, and a content team to write the most engaging and direct content. 

We are also a Google Partner, which signifies to you that we are PPC experts and also equips us with access to the most influential digital display services and unique Google benefits that other marketing agencies cannot get. We’re excited about the opportunity to grow your business, connect with us today!