The home services industry is projected to be worth over 1.1 billion dollars by 2026, so the demand for home services companies is clear. But how can you ensure that this demand is flowing towards YOUR home services business and not your competitors? The home services marketing experts at beMarketing are opening their marketing toolbox to share three reasons why Pay Per Click (PPC) can help your home services company secure more business.

Spark Customer Traffic By Rewiring to Your Website

Because your main focus is to provide your customers with exceptional services, you probably don’t have the time to forumate new and effective tactics for growing your client base — that’s where our PPC advertising comes in. When an effective home services PPC strategy is implemented, potential customers that are searching online for your services will see your company come up at the top of the list — which is, not surprisingly, the company customers call first. In fact, paid search ads have proven to result in an 80% increase of brand awareness, successfully attracting customers in a short amount of time and boosting your business’s ranking on a search engine result page.

Make Moves Towards Instant Results 

As the owner of a home services company, the phrase “time is money” most likely rings true with you — which is why you’ll love the benefits of PPC advertising. With PPC advertising, you’re able to see real time results, so you can see how your campaign is performing and our home services marketing experts can adjust it on an as-needed basis. Rather than running a campaign and waiting to see how effective it is, with PPC, you’ll get to see the data you want and the results you need.

Level Out the Competition

Being in the home services industry, we probably don’t need to point out how competitive it is, but we do need to point out the fact that you don’t just have to keep up with the competition — you need power ahead of them. With PPC advertising, you can gain more control of your online outreach, and our home services experts will help you make the following decisions:

  • Setting a budget that gets your results without draining your funds
  • Taking breaks in ads when a service is seasonal
  • Revamping your keywords at any time to increase results

If your home services business isn’t getting as many calls as you’d like, then it’s time to call the home services marketing experts at beMarketing. Our PPC team will help you build a PPC campaign that will help your home services company secure more business. Contact us today to get started!