Google Analytics has been utilized by many businesses for reliable, accurate, and insightful data and Google has recently announced a new upgrade known as Google Analytics 4. But, what is GA4? This latest version of Google Analytics was launched in 2020 and integrates data from both apps and websites. GA4 will be the official platform by July 1, 2023. The features in this new version will be crucial for creating a better understanding of your company’s data. For example, you will be able to connect behavioral data to transactional data, allowing you to better segment customers and personalize experiences. Similarly, GA4 is providing expanded marketing attribution models, which will be helpful for eCommerce owners and marketers. Because of the significant updates with Google Analytics 4, it is essential to prepare for the shift. Consider these steps to make sure you’re ready: 

Update Your Data Layer 

Your data layer plays a crucial role in tracking your conversion funnel. Before completely transitioning to GA4, you must download any historical data from Universal Analytics that you need. With the update to GA4, you will be able to access more options for data fields. Because of this, you must also make sure the structure of your data layer is altered so you can use these new data field options to your advantage. Ensuring that your data layer is prepared for the additional data fields will be beneficial in the long run, as you will be ready to access all of the added options of GA4. 

Update Google Tag Manager 

To enhance the conversion funnel you created by updating your data layer, you must create GA4 tags. Google Analytics tracking is much easier when using Google Tag Manager. We recommend using GTM to create new data layer variables so they can enter into your GA4 eCommerce event tags. One of the most noteworthy features to tag management is the Server Side Implemented Tag Management. You can introduce your server that hosts a server-side Google Tag Manager container. Within this server, GTM receives data from client-side tracking codes that will provide insight into activity. The software will process this data and send it to the analytics tools and platforms you use. By updating GTM this way, you will experience improved data accuracy, reduced page loading, and reduced impact of ad blockers.  

Establish Big Query 

GA4 provides free access to BigQuery, a cloud-based data storage system to help you manage your data. Connecting your GA4 data to BigQuery will allow you to combine other sources of data with your data from Google Analytics, leading to more advanced reports. With the free access to BigQuery that GA4 provides, you will now have access to raw data, which can help bring better insights and understandings to activities for your business.

Trust beMarketing to Help You Prepare for GA4

Stop wondering “what is GA4” and take effective action to ensure you are ready for the switch. The various features allowing for more concise and accurate data will significantly benefit your business, and taking the steps now to switch over is crucial. At beMarketing, we are committed to providing quality work and consistently evaluating each campaign’s progress and ROI. Our team brings knowledge and experience to your business’s needs. Contact us today to get started on your preparations for GA4.