May is National Small Business Month and a time to celebrate and support dedicated local business owners. The last few years have been especially tough for small business owners. Opening and operating your own small business is a difficult task that requires nearly all of your time and effort. Figuring out how to adequately market your growing business to maximize your growth can feel overwhelming.

Regardless of how good your business is and the quality of your services or products, your company will struggle to find success if it is not properly marketed. Small business marketing allows people to know about your business and builds you up as a business with a positive reputation. Without proper marketing, it can be easy for your small business to get lost in the crowd. However, with a dedicated marketing team behind you with experience and resources, your business can stand out and flourish. Our team at beMarketing has compiled a helpful list of marketing tips you can deploy to get started growing your small business. 

Build an SEO-Friendly Website

The first thing you need to do to establish credibility as a reputable company is to build a well-organized and professional website. If your website is optimized for search engines, potential customers will be able to find you when searching for companies within your industry and quickly learn about your business. Developing a plan to drive organic traffic to your website should be your top priority. 

Decide Your Brand Story

People connect with small businesses because they can typically relate to their brand story. When your brand can tell an authentic story about who you are as a company, you are more likely to create a lasting impression and connect with your target audience.

Utilize Social Media Marketing 

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to reach a large audience is through social media marketing. If you are willing to invest time into building out your channels, you can leverage social media tools to build your accounts and engage your target audience directly. Select the best platforms that will reach your target demographics, establish your brand’s voice and stick with it, develop high-quality and engaging content, and drive people to your website. 

Establish a Rewards Program

When a business is first starting, customer retention is key. Establishing a rewards and referral program from the start of your business is a great way to gain leads and keep your early customers returning to establish a loyal customer base. Referral programs encourage and incentivize existing customers to recommend your company to people, growing your audience through word of mouth and establishing trust.

Invest in Analytics 

If you are not investing in data-driven marketing, you are going to fall behind. That does not necessarily mean you need some high-tech expensive software, there are plenty of platforms with free built0in analytics tools available. Social media platform analytics and Google Analytics are good examples of free data you can use to your advantage.

Grow Your Small Business with beMarketing

Another useful strategy for small business marketing is partnering with a dedicated agency with the expertise and resources to stand behind your business and support your marketing efforts. We offer everything from search engine optimization to social media management to help your growing business maximize your marketing budget, establish new leads, and increase your revenue. To learn more about beMarketing and how we can help you, give us a call today!