AI is a constantly changing field, and it can be difficult to parse out the differences between seemingly similar options. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the latest and greatest, OpenAI rolls out GPT-4o and adds it to the free version, shaking things up. This update to ChatGPT, particularly the free version, has many wondering: is  ChatGPT Plus worth it? 

First, let’s take a look at some of the changes OpenAI has rolled out for free users. Initially, no one knew Chat GPT-4o was coming. It simply appeared as a mysterious gpt-2 on the AI chatbot leaderboards and proceeded to decimate the competition. A few cryptic tweets from Sam Altman spurred speculation, and a short time later, OpenAI did indeed claim credit for the mysterious competitor. Immediately after, they released Chat GPT-4o, the official version of gpt-2. 

This was the start of expanded capabilities for free users on Chat GPT. Previously, GPT 3.5 had been the only version available to free users, and it had some complications. Discussion boards were filled with complaints about hallucinations, slow processing, broken processing, and muddy reasoning. While 3.5 was a massive step in the AI space, other LLM models like Claude and Gemini had finally managed to surpass this model. 

Free Updates and Upgrades

The ChatGPT-4o (4o) update came with a slew of additional features. Perhaps most importantly, it gave free users limited access to 4o. This model is both fast and smart, with higher processing speeds and greater reasoning capabilities. The release is right on track with Altman’s philosophy of iterative rollouts, but this is only one aspect of the update. 

Free users now get a taste of multimodality! You can experiment with speech interactions, explore the model’s vision capabilities, and browse the web directly within the platform. Plus, you have access to the GPT Store. However, it’s important to note that Dall-E’s image generation capabilities are currently exclusive to paid subscriptions.

This is an absolutely massive upgrade now available to the general public, and it leads one to wonder – what makes a ChatGPT Plus subscription so great?  

Blowing Through the Limits

Power users, entrepreneurs, or anyone using Chat GPT regularly will get more out of the paid version. If you have the platform open all day, every day, you’ll probably hit the limit for free users early in the day and be pushed back to the clunky 3.5 version. Plus subscribers get five times the messaging capabilities on 4o, so you can get significantly more out of it. 

Multimodal Expertise

If you’re looking for one platform to do everything, a Chat GPT Plus subscription is your best bet. The paid version gives you access to Dall-E image generation and custom GPT creation. OpenAI has also floated the idea of paying creators for high-performing GPTs, so it might be something to keep in mind. If you can’t wait for the latest features and programs, you’ll get early access to them with the paid version.

Looking Ahead

Plus users also get a taste of the future. While the official release date is still under wraps, it is possible we’ll have access to GPT-5, OpenAI’s next-generation LLM, before 2025. ChatGPT Plus subscribers will be the first to get access, giving them a significant edge over free users. 

So, is ChatGPT Plus worth it? It depends on the user. However, if you want first access to new abilities and improved reasoning capabilities, you might want to jump on the (paid) bandwagon. With both options, you can use AI to augment your skills, create content, and turn hundreds of data points into actionable insights. 

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