When crafting an effective marketing strategy, utilizing a text message service to handle your text marketing and other strategic needs can be helpful. Implementing tactics that will enhance the platforms you are already using can make a huge difference in the success of your brand.

Considering PPC campaigns may be a good alternative. Although launching a PPC campaign can be beneficial to your marketing strategy, but you must have the right focus in place to carry it off successfully.

Doing your research before you jump right in is key.

Here are a few questions you should ask before getting started:

What is the goal of my PPC campaign?

You must have a goal and end result in mind before starting any PPC campaign. This will help focus in on key target areas to gain the most effective outcomes. This also helps to establish the budget for the campaign, and timelines to gauge success or failure.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • How much sales do we need this week?
  • How many qualified customers do we need to present to this week to achieve our sales goal?
  • How many targeted leads do we need to generate enough qualified customers?
  • How many visits do we need to generate enough leads?

Do you get the picture?

Here’s another question. How can my PPC campaign help me get from here to there?

What is the budget?

Every PPC campaign should have a budget to ensure you properly manage expenses. This is one of the first rules of engagement. You should have a total budget established, then monthly, weekly and daily benchmarks to track and assess.

The budget should also help establish timelines to determine how long the campaign will run.

After you’ve determined your business goal from above, here’s the step to set the right budget:

  • Figure out your past performance using this click worth calculator by Portent.
  • Determine your profitability requirements.
  • Start your campaign.

Does my budget allow for research to gather data?

Getting the data you need to provide insight into how you should construct your campaigns is very important. Your budget should have extra funds available to do the research that is necessary to plan and launch a successful PPC campaign.

What are my main keywords?

The keywords you choose will determine how your ad shows up in search results. You have to be definitive and precise in order to select the right words that will be beneficial to your business.

It is best to develop a keyword list that will incorporate all the terms related to your business. Think about your business model and what you would search for if you were a new customer.

Erin Bell wrote a great article on keyword research for PPC at Wordstream. It’s worth reading.

Where will the PPC ad traffic go?

Once your ad campaign starts gaining traction, you must determine where that traffic will be directed. Although you may think you should send them to your home page, this is not be the best option for you if your goal is to convert your visitors into leads.

You must put a great deal of thought into determining where new and potential customers will go.

The answer is a strategically designed landing page. Please read the 8 steps to crafting the ultimate PPC landing page.

Can you justify launching a PPC campaign?

Although PPC campaigns can be effective, it may not make sense for your business model. You must consider the cost per click? The conversion rate, or estimated conversion rate; average online sale; and expected ROI.

Is your website ready to handle and convert PPC traffic?

Your website must be PPC ready or you will quickly lose any potential market share gained from your ad campaigns.

32% of consumers wish mobile websites were easier to navigate through the purchase process, and 48% start research on mobile phones. This also strengthens the potential to utilize link building services related to your industry.

These seven questions are crucial in not only determining whether or not your business is right for a PPC campaign, but also in the development and implementation of a successful one.

Taking the time to fully assess your needs will help craft ad campaigns that are relevant, timely, and engaging. Creating PPC campaigns that are able to stay the course and convert prospects is a sure sign of success.

For more information on PPC campaigns and the questions you should ask prior to launching one, contact the team at bemarketingsolutions.com today.