As a nonprofit fundraising professional, we know it’s easy for you to be swept up by your work. You’re helping your community thrive through engaging donors and targeting new ones, managing your volunteers and helping to improve the lives of those around you. This probably leaves you with little to no time to focus on your non profit marketing plan and getting your story out there. That’s where we come in! At The Hive, we want to help you effectively tell your story and inspire a change within your community. Potential donors and prospects want meaning—they’re searching for something to be involved in that is much bigger than themselves. Because of this, you want your nonprofit’s story to engage, connect, and affect others. When the right person hears the right story, beautiful change can happen. The nonprofit experts at beMarketing are sharing four tips for telling your nonprofit’s story in a compelling way, so that you can inspire people to join your cause.


Create an Irresistible Story Arc

Part of your non profit marketing plan should be creating a story arc. Everyone loves a story, but how you present your nonprofit’s story to the world is crucial in gaining supporters and their attention. Start with your “once upon a time”, then talk about the incident that ignited your passion for waiting to make a difference for this specific cause (IE: what forced you to take action? What event or movement inspired you?). After you explain this incident, include any hardships or hurdles you faced as you tried to reach your goal. How did this pan out? What did you learn from this? This is the climax of your story. Here’s where you can present your audience with a sense of accomplishment and provide next steps on what they can do to help support your cause!  


Be Memorable 

It’s important that your nonprofit makes a lasting impression both online and offline. Offer your authentic story and make it relatable. Attract new support and show people why they should get involved with your nonprofit even when you’re offline with an attractive website that tells your story. A well-designed website will establish a strong web presence that will boost awareness and support, so your nonprofit can achieve the above and beyond day and night. 


Appeal to Human Values

A successful nonprofit organization looks to appeal to the basic core human values. These are things like freedom, safety, sustenance, community, purpose, and good health. When telling your story, highlight not only what your nonprofit is doing, but how it benefits the human values that you’re working towards. Show people why they should get involved and what their involvement can do for your cause. 


Make it a Conversation and Connect

No one likes to be talked at, so when you’re explaining your story to donors and prospects, engage with them! Make it a two-way conversation. Ask them why they would like to get involved and how they think they could help. This nonprofit marketing plan also works online thanks to social media! When you leverage the power of social media to tell your nonprofit’s story, you’ll be able to increase engagement and gain new interest in your nonprofit.


With these four smart tips for telling your story, your nonprofit will be well on its way to achieving its mission! Put them to good use with the help of the busy bee’s at beMarketing, your nonprofit marketing agency! We pledge to provide you with a non profit marketing strategy that will not only show people what you’re fighting for but why they should get involved with your cause. Increase interest and set yourself apart from others with our proven solutions and watch as your nonprofit thrives. Contact us today to get started.