If one thing is for certain, it’s that the job market becomes more and more competitive each day. As sites like Indeed or LinkedIn have amplified application numbers and dramatically widened the candidate pool, finding the perfect job that fits your qualifications and preferences can seem nearly impossible. Conversely, for businesses, finding the right candidate can seem that way too. 

With new companies gaining online visibility like never before, how can you ensure that your business attracts the right candidates over the hundreds of competitors? Ideally, you’ll need a recruitment marketing strategy that is purposeful, candidate-driven, and contemporary. At beMarketing, we partner with businesses of all sizes who require hiring help to digitize their recruitment efforts to reach unprecedented application numbers. Read below to find out three critical marketing strategies for recruitment

Establish a Consistent Brand: 

Studies from LinkedIn show that around 75% of candidates conduct online research about a company’s reputation before applying. With that in mind, when your job post goes up, potential candidates are going to be combing through your website, searching through your social media channels, and reading reviews. Your website, first and foremost, must be responsive, modern, and user-friendly. Candidates should be able to see all relevant information, especially career descriptions, quickly and seamlessly. To add a sense of legitimacy, include pictures of projects your team has created, trusted partnerships that your business has, and case studies to better exemplify the work you do. Don’t just say your company is the best, show them why.

Establishing a brand is a principal marketing strategy for recruitment, but it entails consistent messaging on more than just your website. With the seemingly never-ending growth of social media, these platforms present more opportunities to connect with candidates and establish your online brand. An elevated social media recruitment campaign needs more than just “hiring now” posts. Present an assortment of company news, team photos, holiday/awareness posts, and more to ensure a diverse internet presence. 

Market Current Team Culture: 

People trust people, not automated responses, stock images, or blanket statements. The two most popular pages for any business website are their Careers page and some variation of their “Meet the Team” page (while you’re at it, Meet The Hive!). As employees often spend more time with their coworkers than their own families, potential recruits are incredibly interested in learning more about employees and the team culture. Your website should include pictures of your employees and information about their education, their interests, professional experience, hobbies, and more! Find something that makes your company unique on this page, for example, we’ve included a “What are you listening to?” feature that links to Spotify

Along with your website, ensure that your socials are sharing company outings, lunches, or funny things happening around the office. This helps incredibly to humanize your corporation and present an atmosphere that emphasizes unique personalities. 

Simplify Candidate Experience:  

Almost all of us have experienced an application process that’s entirely too complex and irritating. The job description is 40 paragraphs long and includes arbitrary language like “go-getters” or “forward-thinkers.” You’re then prompted to fill out a 10-page form with information that seems not at all relevant to your field and fill out a cover letter explaining why you’re the best candidate. You complete all of this and then receive an automated email with little promise you’ll speak to a real HR representative. 

The reality is, candidates are often skeptical over the legitimacy of hiring advertisements in the first place, and making them jump through a series of internet hoops can only further discourage them from applying. Here’s how to combat this:

  • A job description is straightforward, defines the role clearly, is well-written, and is free of any vague or hyperbolic language. 
  • Utilize a digital website feature that centralizes the entire application process. 
  • Create website content that is strictly devoted to candidates. (FAQ page, role descriptions, etc). 

Showcase the Best You 

Need hiring help? Partner with beMarketing to capture the things that make your company special and showcase them to your next employees. We’ve worked on countless recruitment marketing campaigns and have assisted businesses in having their choice of qualified candidates. Let’s connect today to devise a personalized recruitment strategy for your unique hiring needs.