When it comes to colors, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The industry leader in the language of color, Pantone®, has been releasing a color each year that embodies the true essence of the current time for over two decades and businesses across the globe depend on the Pantone® team of trend forecasters to help their business make consumer decisions. For the second time in “Color(s) of The Year” history, Pantone® hand-selected two shades instead of one that will signify the mood for 2021 that all industries should consider in their New Year business plans. 

Opposites Attract— Especially With Colors

Pantone® recently shared with the public that the colors of the year 2021 are Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray, opposing shades that when joined together create a deeper meaning. The shade of yellow has always been synonymous with optimism and warmth, described by the company as “bright and cheerful”, while Gray is most notably known for strength and resilience. Together, both colors embody rock-solid hope: something we all will carry with us into the brand new year, especially considering the challenging times we all experienced in 2020. Now, businesses across all industries are taking Pantone’s color design selection into consideration within their own companies and have begun planning how this color choice will impact consumer decisions in 2021. It comes as no surprise that these select colors align directly with beMarketing’s logo and ideology! 

How We Stay On Top of Industry Trends

The recent announcement of Pantone’s color of the year 2021 coincides with beMarketing’s ideology to stay up-to-date with up and coming industry trends. The graphic design process is something that beMarketing has excelled in since our inception, with our agency’s logo as a prime example. Taking a closer look at the meaning behind beMarketing’s logo design style and color palette, utilizing the shade of yellow was the first choice from Founder and CEO of beMarketing, Brandon Rost. Anyone who knows Brandon is familiar with his unyielding energy and positive attitude, a key characteristic that beMarketing personifies to this day. 

Among our team of innovative marketing professionals is our graphic design department who constantly researches top trends in logo design and color usage. All of our members in the graphic design department are masters in the psychology of color and how color design relates to crafting influential logos for companies who need expert guidance. By applying the knowledge that each color symbolizes unique characteristics and portrays vital messages, our graphic design department generates professional logos for our clients that create lasting impressions among their customer base. Staying on top of industry trends is what beMarketing does best and we’re proud to represent Pantone’s color of the year for 2021 in our own logo! 

If your business is looking to enhance your current logo design, look no further than beMarketing! Contact us today to get in touch with our stellar graphic designers and to stay updated with recent trends through our expert marketing strategies.