Nonprofits are doing some amazing work for our communities! Not only do they raise awareness for important causes and organizations, but they also inspire advocacy and work hard to save lives one day at a time. Just like a for-profit organization, digital and online advertising is essential for your nonprofit to thrive. Whether you run a charitable organization, manage a social advocacy group, run a religious association, or volunteer with a foundation, chances are you’ve noticed you have fewer resources available to you than a for-profit organization. Lucky for you, that’s where we come in. The advertising experts at beMarketing are sharing how Pay-Per-Click advertising can help you attract new donors and volunteers while retaining those who currently support your organization so you can continue to spread generosity. 

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

An important technique for advertising for nonprofits is utilizing PPC campaigns. A Pay-Per-Click or PPC campaign appears at the top of a search result as a small, green “ad” indicator at the top, bottom, and sometimes side of the search result page. PPC campaigns push your website to the top, using a budget based on how much time you want to spend on that ad. You only pay for your ad space when a user clicks on one of your ads, hence the name, “pay-per-click”. While calculated SEO strategies can improve your rankings, PPC ads are a fast track to the number one spot of a search result. 

Benefits of Pay Per Click for Your Nonprofit

Something that can help your nonprofit organization is an effective PPC marketing campaign. When the experts at beMarketing manage your PPC, you can expect to strengthen your leads and get more website traffic, which will increase your profits, participation, and funding. We use the power of the internet to help you reach your marketing goals by creating the impact you need to get the success you want. 

There are many benefits in utilizing PPC advertising within your nonprofit including: 

  • Achieve business and marketing goals
  • Results are measurable and trackable
  • Optimization comes quickly and you can see results almost immediately
  • You control how you reach potential customers
  • Works well with other marketing channels
  • Countless targeting opportunities and options
  • A wealth of data at your fingertips

Google Ad Grants

90% of desktop searches start with Google. If your nonprofit organization isn’t purchasing ad space through Google AdWords, chances are you’re not appearing on the first page of a Google search result and you’re missing out on an untapped audience. If you’re stressing over your online advertising budget, you’re in luck. Through Google Ad Grants, Google offers qualified nonprofits $10,000 per month in free PPC ads. Google Ad Grants is like Google AdWords, but strictly for nonprofits. This program is designed to bolster your online presence without breaking the bank. To take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to see if your nonprofit is eligible. Here’s how:

  • Join Google for Nonprofits.
  • Confirm you hold a valid charity status.
  • Ensure you have a website with abundant content explaining your organization.
  • Agree to Google’s requirements.

Not only will your nonprofit appear in Google’s top spots, but you can also use this strong marketing technique to drive engagement, donations, and awareness to your mission. 

Are you ready to spread your message, increase awareness, get backers, attract donors, and distinguish yourself from other nonprofits? Then it’s time to partner with beMarketing! As a Google Partner, you’ll want to stick with us. Our busy bees will get to work improving your digital advertising strategy so you can turn your nonprofit into the go-to organization in your community. If you’re ready to boost up your nonprofit organization and drive results, contact our team today.