If your business relies on e-commerce branding, there’s no time more pivotal to capitalize on than the holiday season. Children are creating their wish lists, co-workers and family members are exchanging presents, and people are actively searching for something new and unique to wrap up and put under the tree! Where are they looking? Well, while many people still may visit their local mall to get some shopping done, the majority of holiday shopping today occurs online. 

If you feel as though this season tends to always sneak up on you, you’re not alone! However, proper preparation for this festive season in the form of holiday marketing campaigns typically should start months before we reach December. Below, the team at beMarketing has put together a holiday guide to help boost your e-commerce branding, drive website traffic, and genuinely engage with customers new and old! 

Festive-Themed Promotions: 

Promotional marketing has been around for a long time, but nonetheless, can still be incredibly successful in building your brand awareness in a more direct manner among all of the other digital verticals. What better time than the holiday season to get creative with your promotional catalog? Consider launching a holiday marketing campaign that includes holiday-specific items! Maybe a Christmas tree ornament with your logo on it or a Santa hat with your brand colors and design. Fun products like this can help get your customers in the festive spirit and help you stand out from competitors using traditional promo products. 

Know Your Customer: 

The key demographics of your average customer should certainly impact your promotional objectives, both digitally and physically. If you are a business that markets more to Millennials or Gen Z, say a streetwear or gaming brand, you must consider the most efficient ways to reach these customers, and do so in a way that relates to the content they’re used to engaging with. A holiday social media campaign, especially on emerging video-content applications like TikTok or IG Reels, could prove beneficial in this sense. Maybe it could even be time to finally try out that influencer marketing campaign that you’ve heard so much about! For older generations, you may want to engage in a purposeful email campaign that includes your Cyber Monday deals or other promotions leading up to Christmas! 

Get Creative, Not Experimental. 

The holidays clearly present a new opportunity to be creative in your digital messaging, showcasing your “gift-worthy” products in a fun and engaging way. With that said, that doesn’t mean you should abandon all of the tactics or try something that’s completely new. Continue to utilize your strategies that are backed by your own research, such as A/B email testing and SEO keyword research. The goal remains the same, whether you’re running a promotion in the Spring, Winter, Fall, or Summer — identify interesting ways to lure new and existing customers to your website. When it comes to content marketing, there’s no reason why you can’t take some chances with social media posts or blog spots, but also ensure that you’re utilizing what’s worked in the past. Santa never upgraded his sleigh to a new Tesla on the night before Christmas

Be Merry with beMarketing! 

When it comes to maximizing profits on cost-effective marketing solutions, beMarketing is your personal Rudolph the ROI Reindeer! Our digital marketers are extensively trained in finding ways to make your brand stand out from the rest through email marketing, social media marketing, promotional products, and much more. When you partner with us, we develop a comprehensive, turnkey marketing plan that will prep you for the busy holiday season, and far beyond! Give us a buzz today to get started on your project!